Relive ecstasy and agony of Toronto Maple Leafs’ 2011-12 rollercoaster season (VIDEO)

On Tuesday night, the Toronto Maple Leafs nearly dragged the Buffalo Sabres down to hockey hell with them, like Jason Voorhees leaping out of Crystal Lake to claim a final victim. The Sabres survived to play another day, thanks to some good fortune and an hour-long scrum in the Leafs' crease that ended with the tying goal.

The Leafs' season, alas, was over weeks ago. And it was a surreal season: Fast start, midseason stumble, fired coach and eventually another playoff bubble burst. Filmmaker Dave Kennedy created this 14-minute review of the ecstasy and agony of Toronto Maple Leafs' 2011-12 rollercoaster season. Good stuff:

From Dave:

"After countless hours of editing/crying about the collapse, it's finally done. I wanted to document the season the way it played out, I showcase the highlights but also focus on the dark and depressing moments as well. I make these videos because I love hockey, but also because my dream job would be to be able to create stuff like this for HNIC or something similar."

We see no reason why you couldn't. Obviously, the Leafs will continue to provide ample inspiration …