Red Wings waiting on Shane Doan; CBA talks will continue for NHL, NHLPA (Puck Headlines)

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• Dustin Brown plays a little pocket ping-pong. Wait, sorry, that should read: "HOLLYWOOD, CA - JULY 12: Table tennis player Timothy Wang (L) and hockey player Dustin Brown attend 'Believe In Your Smellf' training day hosted by Old Spice on July 12, 2012 in Hollywood, California."

• Shea Weber's people are talking with the Nashville Predators about a long-term deal. Said GM David Poile: "Right now my priority is to see Shea signed and hopefully finalize a longer term deal with Shea. … To me it all revolves around that decision." [The Tennessean]

• The NHLPA will be back at the table with the NHL on Wednesday, and maybe that means we'll get a bat-crap crazy players' proposal soon so everyone will loathe them instantly as greedy. [Globe & Mail]

• Great stuff from Elliotte Friedman on the CBA talks, with an emphasis on the players: "According to several players, one of Fehr's major points of emphasis is eliminating the mentality that every time there's a new collective bargaining agreement, you must agree to give back something. He's telling them that the salary lost since 2005 is now in the wealthy teams' coffers and it's up to the owners to fix, not the players." [CBC]

• JJ provides needles for the "runaway salaries" balloon in the CBA talks. [Winging It]

• A casualty of a lockout that hasn't happened yet: The Washington Capitals fan convention. [Ted's Take]

• Mike Brophy wants to see the end of no-trade clauses: "What I'd also like to see is a complete abolishment of no-trade and no-movement clauses. A general manager's inability to move a player is bad for business. Don't believe me? Just ask the good people of Toronto who have not witnessed a playoff game since 2004 and had to sit back and watch Mats Sundin play out his deal when the team could have improved itself by trading him." [Sportsnet]

• "Until Shane Doan domino falls, the Detroit Red Wings are in waiting mode. He's what they need, they won't do anything else (other than take care of RFAs)." [@HeleneStJames]

• So what's up with the Phoenix Coyotes' future? Said team president Mike Nealy: "It's zigging and zagging a bit but Greg Jamison is still working toward the ultimate resolution with the public issues that are out there. At the end of the day, the league is still interested in keeping the team here." [Arizona Republic]

• NHL comebacks for P.J. Axelsson and Sergei Samsonov? [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

• Mark Scheifele gets put over as a future star at Winnipeg Jets development camp. [Arctic Ice Hockey]

• The Buffalo Sabres re-sign TJ Brennan, and rescue Nick Tarnasky from Vityaz Checkov KHL for Rochester. [Die By The Blade]

• Brandon from Defending Big D reviews "Goon." [DBD]

• Neil Greenberg says that Mike Green's 70-point seasons are behind him. [Capitals Insider]

• The Chicago Blackhawks hire Jamie Kompon of the Los Angeles Kings as an assistant coach, as Joel Quenneville gets the old band from the St. Louis Blues bench together again. [ESPN Chicago]

• As the Michigan Daily is officially served with a libel notice, looking at the next steps in the Kitchener Rangers saga. [US of Hockey]

• Check out the Kickstarter for this documentary about long-suffering fans, and reach out to the filmmakers if you are one. [Losing It]

• Finally, is showing some bloopers from the 1990s this week. Hey, save it for the lockout guys! (Meanwhile, this is great):

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