Red Wings tell ‘puck bunny’ to do more than marry NHL player

NHL team Twitter feeds typically engage in play-by-play, news aggregation, or the occasional snarky comment to fans or opposing teams (see: Kings, Los Angeles). But on Friday, the Detroit Red Wings’ feed dabbled in something a little dicier: Life planning advice for self-professed “puck bunnies.”

Kaylee G. stated that one of her future goals was to “marry a Detroit Red Wings player,” underscoring that desire with the applicable emojis before hash-tagging the message “puck bunny.” The Red Wings saw the tweet, and responded thusly:

Wow … who expected empowering feminism from an NHL-owned Twitter feed?

Alas, this public embarrassment wasn’t something Kaylee was expecting, and she deleted her Twitter feed moments after this tweet went viral.

(Please note that the Red Wings' response did unleash the Internet trolls on her, but she also included them in her original message, so a response was always possible.)

But hey, it’s tough love. And the Red Wings continued it throughout the morning, including self esteem:

@albidonez You'd be surprised. Girls & boys need to be taught that a woman has more value than her physical appearance. @BlondeBarbie103

— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) June 20, 2014

And the Red Wings making sure to point out that they practice what they preach:

@SarahCalise We don't have ice girls.

— Detroit Red Wings (@DetroitRedWings) June 20, 2014

Now, it’s important to note that Kaylee never said this was her sole mission in life. And as the Red Wings player wives will confirm, there’s nothing wrong with marrying a hockey player.

Although rumour has it some don't make very good tenants, so living with one doesn't seem ideal. And being married to a Red Wing pretty much guarantees the latest offseason start of any hockey team, since they're always in the playoffs. Better to marry an Edmonton Oiler.

But we imagine the Red Wings were given many a virtual high-five from fans who loathe the “puck bunny” aesthetic being a point of pride.