Red Wings prospect Riley Sheahan was wearing Teletubby costume during ‘super drunk’ driving arrest

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On Oct. 22, Detroit Red Wings 2010 first-round draft pick Riley Sheahan went out looking for something memorable to wear the following weekend. "Out searching for Halloween costumes," he tweeted. "No luck so far but hopefully we'll find something special."

Sheahan never followed up with what that special costume turned out to be and no photos surfaced (yet), but if the report from his Oct. 29 DUI arrest is any indication, it was a purple Teletubby outfit.

But it wasn't a television screen in Sheahan's belly. It was lots and lots of alcohol: Sheahan wasn't just drunk, but "super drunk," with a blood alcohol content of .30, nearly four times the legal limit and nearly double the super drunk threshold, which begins at .17.

That might explain why he was pulled over driving his 2012 Jeep Wrangler the wrong way, a move that might be even more conspicuous than being dressed like the most divisive of all the Teletubbies.

Yet another detail: police originally thought Sheahan was teammate Brendan Smith, another Red Wings draft pick, because that's whose ID he was carrying. The arrest report, via MLive:

"Riley had a Michigan driver's license in the license window in his wallet, which is what Officer Dyer used as his ID. Deputies found Riley's Canadian license in the wallet after it was turned in with his property and he kept telling them his name was Riley.

"Riley is only 20 and I asked him if he had Branden's (sic) ID so he could get in the bars. He shook his head yes and stated 'yea.'"

Smith is 23. Sheahan is 20. The drinking age in Michigan is 21.

And finally, to add insult to injury, Sheahan pulled this bone-headed move during a lockout, when it was almost guaranteed to be the biggest hockey news of the day.

Granted, the phrase "Teletubby costume" is guaranteed to get play even on a busy news day.

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