Red Wings also keep playoff streak alive for rap anthem 'Throw Your Wings Up' (Video)

Detroit rapper Baby G in the 3rd edition of "Throw Your Wings Up".


Detroit rapper Baby G in the 3rd edition of "Throw Your Wings Up".

The Detroit Red Wings are making their 23rd consecutive appearance in the NHL playoffs, but that wasn't the only streak they kept alive by winning the second Wild Card spot. Also saved: Detroit rapper Baby G's run of annual hip hop playoff anthems.

Back in 2011, the emcee released original cut "Throw Your Wings Up", and he's been re-releasing the track with roster updates every postseason since. On Friday, just prior to Game 1 between the Red Wings and Bruins, Baby G dropped version four, "Octopi 2014 edition", and in so doing, gave Detroit the early frontrunner for best hip hop fan anthem of the 2014 playoffs. 

"We're going 23 consistent, 11 rings too, that's playoffs my whole existence, can't say the same for you." 

This guy has never seen a Red Wings team that didn't make the playoffs. I'm probably not the only one seething with envy and spite right now.

The Red Wings won Game 1 of their series, and while most would argue that it was Pavel Datsyuk who propelled them to victory, I am willing to hear arguments that it was actually Baby G and his dope flow.

That said, "throw your wings up" sounds like more like it should be an Applebee's anthem.

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