Red Hot Chili Peppers honor Nicklas Lidstrom at Detroit’s ‘Church of Hockeytown’ (VIDEO)

When Detroit Red Wings captain Nicklas Lidstrom announced his retirement this week, the accolades and adoration poured in from around the hockey world. He's one of the greatest defensemen of all time, a legend of the game, an absolute rock star.

How appropriate, then, that some Rock and Roll Hall of Famers honored a future Hockey Hall of Famer on Friday night at Joe Louis Arena. Here's hockey fan Chad Smith, drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, bringing Lidstrom onstage during their show in Detroit (strong NSFW language warning in the intro):

And another look (SFW audio):

From the Detroit News, on the cameo appearance by Nicklas "[Expletive Deleted]" Lidstrom:

After hugging Smith, a noted Wings fan himself, Lidstrom took the microphone and said of his 20 years of memories at Joe Louis, standing in front of the arena on the Chili Peppers' stage "might top it all." He reminisced briefly about trying out for the Wings, and said his ovation was hard to imagine. "This is unbelievable, guys. I love you!" he shouted, and got the love right back from the Hockeytown crowd.

Lidstrom's triumph was the heart of a Red Wings' heavy evening at the Joe. Early in the concert, Chili Peppers bassist Flea thanked the Wings "for letting us use your building," while Smith sported a Red Wings logo on his drum kit and on the back of his sleeveless shirt. And Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, who joined the band in 2009 when on-again, off-again guitarist John Frusciante left the group, came out for the evening's encore sporting, yes, a Lidstrom jersey.

No word if they played "Give It Away" to honor Lidstrom and all the forwards he pick-pocketed in the defensive zone.

s/t Reddit, via Scott Bassin

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