Rasta Bob lost hockey bet, ‘shaved’ his beard with a skate (Video)

Rasta Bob believed that the Toronto Maple Leafs would advance to Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. He believed that at least one Canadian team would play for the Stanley Cup in the finals.

Well, he was wrong, and had to pay up a bet … by shaving his face with a hockey skate. Or by creating a D.I.Y. horror scene involving fake blood and a dude in a Blue Jays shirt standing behind him with a bottle of ketchup. One of the two.

Richard Zednik says “too soon.”

Our favorite part is when he lifts the skate up for the first time and his hand is already covered in fake blood from a previous take.

We suspect this comedian is the same dude behind the RONALD COMPLAIN MCLEAN song that skewered Coach’s Corner, but that’s unconfirmed. Also unconfirmed: That this is Jiggs McDonald after about seven bong hits.

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