Rask talks contract; Lecavalier destinations; Bruins, Leafs game of the year? (Puck Headlines)

Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• Last month, the Chicago Sun-Times laid off their entire photography staff in favour of training their reporters to take pictures with their iPhones. The effects of that decision can be seen in this contrast between their cover (right) and the one of the Chicago Tribune (left). [Petapixel]

• Tuukka Rask on negotiations for a new deal: "Obviously we’re going to have some talks, but at the end of the day we’re going to leave all the [expletive] aside and make a deal that makes everybody happy." [CSNNE]

• So yeah, we can pretty much never question Patrice Bergeron's toughness again, right? [Boston Globe]

• Where might Vincent Lecavalier end up (besides the bank, to cash that massive cheque)? [ESPN]

• He'd look pretty good in Red Wing red, no? [MLive]

• Will the New York Rangers buy Brad Richards out? Richards has no idea. [NY Post]

• Bruins/Leafs Game 7 is an ESPY nominee for game of the year. Was it hockey's best game this season? [ESPN]

• Player agent Don Baizley dies at 71. [The Globe & Mail]

• Is John Tortorella nice now? Yeah, probably not. [PITB]

• Scott Bordow is sick of covering the Coyotes ownership ordeal: "If I’m tired of this story, I can’t imagine how the Coyotes’ players, staff and fans are feeling. They’ve been teased and tormented for four years now. They’ve endured court hearings and potential lawsuits and premature Gary Bettman news conferences. They’ve put up with a cast of characters unlike anything we’ve seen in Arizona sports history: Jim Balsillie and Jerry Moyes, Jerry Reinsdorf, Elaine Scruggs and Ed Beasley, Matthew Hulsizer and the Goldwater Institute, Greg Jamison and Ice Edge Holdings, Darin Pastor and, of course, Bettman and his sidekick, Bill Daly. All that’s missing is Gilligan and the Skipper." [AZ Central]

• Can cheering and booing affect win percentage? Great stuff here. [Black & Blue & Gold]

• A heartfelt thank-you to Andrew Ference for his time in Boston. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

• My favourite thing about business articles regarding the NHL, which is doing very well, according to this piece, is when they use hockey terms to describe their financial position: "In other words, the NHL is on a breakaway with plenty of scoring opportunities over the next several years." [The Street]

• Bryan Bickell wants to stay in Chicago, and he'd be willing to take a hometown discount to make it happen. [Chris Kuc]

Seth Jones on diversity in hockey: “It’s definitely a white-dominated sport. That’s not a secret at all. But hopefully with some more black players starting to play we can convince or sway some young African-American kids to start playing hockey.” [Buffalo News]

• Steve Yzerman has no plans to use his second compliance buyout this year. [PHT]

• In this video, a fire alarm goes off at the Flyers' practice facility. "Another goal scored!" jokes Michael Barkann,who is sitting with Paul Holmgren. Holmgren is decidedly unamused. It's the best video. [Crossing Broad]

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