Are these the Rangers and Flyers Winter Classic jerseys?

While no official announcement has been made regarding the jerseys the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers will be wearing at January's Winter Classic, Philly Sports Daily is reporting that at least one of the mockups below may be the real deal.

According to the article, "indications are that this is what the Flyers will be wearing at Citizens Bank Park." As for the Rangers jersey, no one was willing to confirm it, probably because a cream-coloured jersey after Labour Day is just too damn brazen.

So where are these indications coming from? Sources, that's who. Mind your business. From Philly Sports Daily:

The image first appeared on message boards at the end of September, before Chris Pronger was announced as the team's captain and Kimmo Timonen and Danny Briere were announced as the assistants. That explains why Claude Giroux has the "A" on his jersey. Because it had been so long since they saw it, the sources were not able to 100-percent confirm that this is the actual design, but they indicated that these threads are likely to be what will be announced as the official jerseys.

It's hard not to be dubious of something that first appeared on a message board, not to mention the fact that the sources admittedly haven't seen these designs in a while. Still, the company behind the mockups is reputable. DC Visual Arts, the outfit to which these outfits are attributed, has produced other jersey designs in the past:

DC Visual Arts is the company that came up with the design. They are, however, the same company that came up with the concept that was produced and purchased by many fans, but Philly Sports Daily can confirm that those are false.

When will we know for sure? According to the article, the Flyers are waiting on Reebok to produce authentic jerseys for sale once the official design is unveiled.

In the meantime, we'll just have to make do with wild speculation. Putting aside that it's still hard to see Jaromir Jagr in a regular Flyers jersey, can you picture him in this?

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