Ralph Krueger, next Edmonton Oilers head coach?

The primary reason we like Ralph Kruger is because he resembles Toby Flenderson from "The Office", which would bring us one step closer to achieving our dream of Stanley from "The Office" as an NHL assistant coach. ("Run the power play? Not unless you payin' me overtime.")

But there are more substantive reasons to like Kruger as an NHL head coach, and that's why he's the choice for many to take over the Edmonton Oilers next season. According to Terry Jones, it's looking like Kruger's the guy:

Krueger isn't saying it. But there's more than enough in what he does say —- and in what Brent Sutter says —- to believe there is only one candidate in the running for the position.

Put it all together and it's virtually impossible not to come to the conclusion that the Winnipeg native and long-time coach of the Swiss national team, who was Tom Renney's associate coach here the last two years, is going to be given the job when Kevin Lowe, Steve Tambellini and Craig MacTavish return from the NHL draft next week.

Sutter says he still hasn't had communication in any way, shape or form from the Oilers. Krueger admits he has. "I agreed to be part of the process the way it's evolving," were the carefully chosen words from the man who took over coaching the Oilers power play last year and moved it from near worst to near first. The Oilers ended up third at 20.6% after being 27th at 14.5% the year before.

That's an impressive part of his résumé. So is the notion that, via our radio buddy Jeff Marek, that the young stars on the Oilers support his candidacy.

So what's up with Brent Sutter? From Jason Gregor on Wednesday: "Jay Feaster said the Flames haven't stopped Brent Sutter from speaking to the Oilers. If that is the case, then why haven't they spoke at length? Something seems fishy."

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