Radko Gudas suspended 3 games for head shot on Mika Zibanejad’s (Video)

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Part of the NHL Department of Player Safety’s mission is to educate players who cross the lines of legality while at the same time punishing them.

For Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Radko Gudas, perhaps this is the lesson learned: You earned your three-game suspension for injuring Ottawa Senators center Mika Zibanejad on Tuesday night, and hopefully next time you won’t confuse a forearm shiver with an open-ice check.

From the NHL:

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The incident occurred at 2:07 of the third period. Under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and, based on his average annual salary, Gudas will forfeit $15,994.62. The money goes to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.

As the video shows, Gudas just uppercuts Zibanejad with a forearm, like he’s William Regal pummeling a guy in the corner during a King Of The Ring match. Zibanejad is eligible to be hit, but not hit in the head. That this play didn’t result in a penalty is baffling, but that’s why we have discipline.

Said Dave Cameron after the game:

“What do I think about it? It’s a five-minute major,” said Cameron. “It’s right to the head. Do I think (it should be reviewed)? For sure, isn’t that what the league is about today, with no headshots? I’d be shocked if that’s not reviewable and suspended.”

Said Dave Hakstol on Wednesday:

"It is such a hard, fast play. We’ve seen a lot of them against our guys over the last few weeks here," coach Dave Hakstol said. "I try to stay detached from it. It’s a hard, hockey play in the heat of the battle."

A hockey play? 


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