Puke on ice: Rapid City Rush’s beer-chugging promotion leads to bile from fans

The Rapid City Rush of the Central Hockey League held a promotion last Friday night for college-aged fans: Students received buy-one-get-one ticket specials, and the chance to watch two-member teams from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology and Black Hills State University compete in the “College Olympics.”

Please recall the climactic competition from “Revenge of the Nerds” that included chugging beer and tricycle races (and a battle of the bands, which was cool but immaterial to this story). That was the vibe the Rush were going for during their intermission competition.

Instead, the hockey team captured another aspect of the college experience: alcohol-induced puking.

From the Rapid City Journal:

During a race that included running on the ice, riding on a cooler and spinning around a hockey stick, each of the male students chugged four beers. One student vomited twice and the other male student vomited once, according to spectators. A photo shows one student hunched over with an obvious steady stream of vomit pouring from his mouth.

"It was almost enough to quit as a four-year season ticket holder of two seats," Rapid City Rush season ticket holder Tom Regan said. "The Rush can do better. My wife and I were disappointed as there are many youngsters easily impressed by inappropriate behavior, and many adults that do not want to see promotion of drinking and vomiting at a public venue in the name of entertainment."

Indeed. Or as Jenna Zanter, Director of Corporate Partnerships for the Rush, tweeted: “Kid puked out on the ice during our College Olympics promotion. Definitely the highlight to this game so far.”

See a photo of this madness here.

Other Twitter reaction:

Rapid City Rush GM Tim Hill told the Journal that he had been fielding calls from angry fans:

"It was meant to be fun, but it went completely wrong," said Hill. "I apologize on behalf the organization. Obviously it was in poor taste. The intermission game was not appropriate, and it's just something we will never do again."

That said, Rapid City Rush Marijuana Triathlon Night is still scheduled for this weekend (just kidding) ...

Was it inappropriate? Well, the outcome was. But we’ve attended hockey games with eating competitions before … although not ones that involved spinning your head on a hockey stick.

Look on the bright side: The Rush at least attempted to keep the vomit on the ice rather than having it spew all over the people seated in your section by the end of the game. The New York Jets should take notes.

As for the parents who were offended by the blown chunks during intermission, hopefully the two fights between grown men during a professional athletic event helped distract your children from learning about the dangers of alcohol abuse.

s/t @XROCKFM, via AP; photo via the BHL