Puckhead holiday wish list: Step 2, you put your rink in that box

To help celebrate this season of ravenous craving and financial splurging, Puck Daddy presents its list of quirky luxury items for the hockey fan that has everything. Any suggestions? E-mail us, please.

What: Nicerink Backyard Rink in a Box
Price: $365

Ever since I was a little kid, I envied those kids who grew up in cold weather climates capable of sustaining backyard hockey rinks. Best that my brothers and I could do is a wiffle ball field with enough nook and crannies to make the designers of MinuteMaid Park in Houston jealous. Ever try swinging a bat with a pool ladder on your back?

This 20-foot by 40-foot rink includes everything but the ice and boards. Liner, patch tape, underwater glue, brackets, a NiceRink logo puck; and, to top it all off, you'll also get a Bobby Hull hockey card. Because what backyard rink isn't complete without an original Winnipeg Jet?

If you're feeling saucy and like to dream big, you could always put up some nice boards around the rink and bleachers in hopes of having your own Mystery, Alaska moment in your very own backyard.

With the state of the New York Rangers' defense, your team could have a chance.

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