Puck Treasures: The Tulsa Oilers “Ice Breaker” jersey

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We know a lot of you out there are rabid hockey jersey collectors, each with a varying degree of tastes. Some go for the classics, others for the unique. If you're looking for something that has a foot in each of those categories, then we have something for you.

Above is one of two Tulsa Oilers jerseys on eBay at the moment from the 2010-11 Central Hockey League season. These "special" jerseys were designed by the people at GameWorn.com and almost didn't see actual gameplay.

From GameWorn.com:

These jersey were suppose to be used for 2009-10 pregame warm-ups, but instead names were added and jerseys were worn for at least one confirmed game.

All jerseys worn that game Mar 08, 2011 will be considered game worn.

A GameWorn.com team signed letter and Stats from that game will be included.

There's an obvious ode to the infamous Wild Wing jerseys worn by the Anaheim Ducks for the 1995-96 season; and the oil as the shoulder/yoke is a nice touch.

For you jersey hounds out there, is this something you'd add to your collection?

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