Puck Treasures: Pretend you were part of the ‘Miracle on Ice’

Puck Daddy

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Last September, we told you about Mark Wells, the defenseman from the 1980 "Miracle on Ice" U.S. hockey team that won gold in Lake Placid, whose gold medal -- owned by a collector who purchased it several years ago -- went up for auction and eventually sold for over $300,000.

If you missed out on that opportunity to feel a part of the "Miracle," there are options. For example, you could purchase a salesman's sample gold medalist ring and tell strangers that you were on the ice that day beating the Soviets and later the Finns en route to the gold medal.

The 10K gold, 10-10.5-sized ring could be yours for a cool $4,999.99. You're probably kicking yourself considering a Dave Christian salesman's ring went for $1,572 at auction two years ago, but hey, this one is Jim Craig's.

The Jim Craig.

For the memorabilia collectors out there, what's the appeal of a salesman's ring? Is it just an excuse to try and pass it off as legitimate or is there really a market for replica championship jewelry?

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