Puck Treasures: Barry Melrose's lost Lightning bobblehead

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Feb. 12, 2009 would have gone down as a legendary moment in great fan giveaways. Had the coach not been fired three months earlier, the Tampa Bay Lightning were ready to hold a "Barry Melrose Bobblehead Night" for their game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. The 16,526 fans that were in attendance that night could have gotten their hands on the amazing specimen you see here.

Notice the difference between the amount of grey hair on the bobblehead and the amount he's sporting while wearing Lightning gear?

Also realize that this bobblehead marks the only smile that Melrose cracked while part of the Lightning organization. His next one probably occurred right after he told Ron McLean that he hoped "that Tampa Bay doesn't win a game the rest of the year" during a Hockey Night in Canada segment after his firing.

Sadly, the general masses can't get their hands on this wonderful giveaway. Searches on Yahoo! come up bare along with any luck of finding one on eBay. The entire lot is probably sitting in some closet at the bottom of St. Pete Times Forum that was used by Oren Koules to stash Radim Vrbata(notes) last summer until they finally dealt him back to Phoenix.

It's hard to judge by the photo, but the Lightning probably went the standard bobblehead route on this one for Melrose. If they wanted to get really creative and think out-of-the-box, they should have had Melrose's mullet bobble. Now that would really be a breakthrough in the modern-day bobblehead science ...

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