Puck Treasures: Pittsburgh Penguins Fleetwood Mac sweater isn't just rumours

Fleetwood Mac Penguins jersey on eBay.


Fleetwood Mac Penguins jersey on eBay.

Suppose that you were a diehard Pittsburgh Penguins fan AND a diehard fan of Fleetwood Mac, the Black-Eyed Peas of pop. What a nightmare that would be! Every day you'd wake up and look at your assortment of Fleetwood Mac shirts and Pittsburgh Penguins shirts and you'd think, "Damn, if only there was some way to combine these shirts, tell the world that I am a Pittsburgh Penguins fan who also loves Fleetwood Mac, with just one piece of clothing. Alas, if there is, it's a Mystery to Me. Oh well."

Well have I got news for you, hypothetical person. There totally is. Now, you can go your own way with this Original Vintage Fleetwood Marc Pittsburgh Penguins Tour Jersey Shirt.

That's right. This is a real thing. It's not a Mirage. It's not just Rumours. It's real, it's rayon, and it can be yours for just $700. That's a steal. It's marked down from $1000. Why? Because it's hard to find. Just like Heroes Are Hard to Find.

If you're a diehard fan, your first thought might be that this had something to do with 1973's Penguin. But you'd be dead wrong. It's from a different Time.

This one-of-a-kind sweater is from Fleetwood Mac's big 1975 tour, shortly after the release of Fleetwood Mac, the album that said goodbye to Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac and introduced the new lineup with Lindsey Buckingham on guitar and Stevie Nicks on vocals. They swung through Pennsylvania right around the time the Penguins were starting their 1975-76 season, playing Pittsburgh's Civic Arena in October 15, 1975, just a few days after the Penguins' home-opener.

As the band and the team danced around one another like a Tango in the Night, this baby was made. Then Fleetwood Mac turned the building into a Kiln House with their hot, West Coast pop/rock, then the Penguins returned to Then Play On in Future Games

The 1975-76 Penguins were an offensive powerhouse. Their Mr. Wonderful was Pierre Larouche, who scored 53 goals and 111 points. Unfortunately, their offense masked a mediocre defensive team, and in the first round of the playoffs, the Toronto Maple Leafs got Behind The Mask, scoring 10 goals. Worse, the Leafs' defensive shell was as hard as a Tusk, the Penguins offense dried up like leaves fallen from Bare Trees, and the Toronto won in a landslide. 

Anyway. That's a detour whose sole purpose was to complete my mission of naming all 17 Fleetwood Mac albums in this post. Now I only have one left. 

But enough about me. This is about you and the Fleetwood Mac/Pittsburgh Penguins sweater you need to buy. Say You Will.

s/t to Dave Wilson.

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