Puck to the face makes Roman Polak looks 'mumps-ish'

Photo via @travishehateme on Twitter

Let's qualify something at the start of this post. We are in no way intimating that Toronto defenseman Roman Polak has the mumps.

This does not appear to be like the Sidney Crosby case, where his face apparently blew up at a practice and had to talk to the media after. But that is quite the hockey player's face he's sporting in the above photo after taking a puck to the jaw against Washington.

Apparently it was quite the horrible scene. There was a pool of blood as Polak fell to the ice after taking a deflected Troy Brouwer shot flush. Here is the link to the Sportnet video. 

But Polak is tough ... he's a hockey player. Plus, with everything going on in Toronto at the moment, a hurt jaw should be the least of Polak's worries.

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