Puck Headlines: Ranking top U.S. players; KHL approves Hudler

Here are your Puck Headlines: A glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• We're out and about today, so some early Puck Headlines. For any breaking news please do check out Leahy's Twitter and the Y! Sports news feed. Oh, and Leahy has a post this afternoon you're going to want to see ... and hear.

• John Grigg of The Hockey News looks at the top 10 U.S.-born players in hockey history. Pat LaFontaine disagrees. [THN]

• Just in from the KHL: The League registered the contract of Jiri Hudler(notes) with HC Dynamo because of a lack of transfer agreement with the NHL; the refusal of the NHL to "cancel registration of contract" of Evgeni Dadonov with the Florida Panthers; that Hudler isn’t technically under contract with an NHL team; and "attempts by the Vancouver Canucks to sign a contract with hockey player Sergei Shirokov for whom all contractual and sports rights belong to the HC CSKA Moscow." [KHL]

• Oh, and Happy Jiri Hudler Arbitration Day, Moscow. [Snapshots]

• Cablevision spins off MSG, but remains firm that it isn't going to sell the Knicks or Rangers. [FOX Business and NY Times]

• We were playing phone tag with Chris Botta yesterday, and now we know why: NYI Point Blank, one of the best blogs for hockey coverage period, has lost its sponsorship from the New York Islanders and the future is unfortunately murky. Here's hoping he finds a way to continue it, or finds another gig worthy of his hard work. His blog is everything you'd want from a team-specific site, from insider scoop to a strong fan community built around it. Hopefully there's a way to save it. [NYI Point Blank]

• Looking at the Chicago Blackhawks offseason, Seinfeld-style. [Fansided]

Pittsburgh Steelers star Troy Polamalu: "Hockey is the greatest spectator sport ever." [The Confluence]

• "Happy Gilmore": Hockey movie or golf movie or both? [Newsday]

Pascal Leclaire(notes) discusses the fact that the Ottawa Senators goalies that have come before him are, for the most part, a heaping plate of fail. [Sun Media]

• Erin Nicks looks at the off-the-record intrigue surrounding Dany Heatley's(notes) decision to ask out of Ottawa. If you took every rumor floating around about Heatley and put them all in one place, it would read like a Bret Easton Ellis novel about hockey. [Universal Cynic]

• Five For Howling looks at yesterday's Phoenix Coyotes ruling and what it means for the franchise's stability. It also makes this point on Jim Balsillie getting rejected: "The previous decision from the judge was based on the fact that they had not been wronged because the NHL hadn't made an actual decision. Now that they have PSE could move forward on the claims should the court not go for the Reinsdorf bid." [Five For Howling]

Scottie Upshall(notes) gets a one-year deal for $1.5 million with the Phoenix Coyotes. Now that's commitment! [TSN]

• What will New Jersey Devils star Zach Parise(notes) do under the assumed restrictive nature of Jacques Lemaire's coaching? "I'm not saying Parise will definitely experience a drop-off in production. I'm just saying is that history shows with other Devils forwards who had career years are followed up by." [In Lou We Trust]

• Interesting look at the Florida Panthers' potential sale to a NY-based company, and how it relates to Neil Smith returning to the NHL as the team's GM. [Miami Herald]

• Former Dallas Stars assistant Rick Wilson comes to the Tampa Bay Lightning as an assistant coach. [Lightning Strikes]

• Christopher Walken would love the Vancouver 2010 Olympic store. Provided he still has the fever. [H/T Mirtle]

• Meanwhile, Bangin' Panger weeds out an item in the Olympic store's inventory. [Bangin Panger, PG-13 language]

• The controversial Liam Reddox(notes) signs with the Edmonton Oilers. [Lowetide]

• An interesting valentine to new U.S. Hockey Hall of Famer Frank Zamboni, including this nugget: "News of the machine's success traveled fast, and the great Sonja Henje ordered one. Mr. Zamboni delivered it to her in Chicago in 1950, and the world watched in wonder as the machine provided entertainment to the fans in the stands. Henje also noted that she didn't suffer as many leg muscle injuries due to the fact that the turnaround time between acts was cut down." [Seagate Blog]

Ryan Getzlaf(notes) has surgery. You will not get laughs when you here why. [Ducks]

• The clock ticks on a Brendan Shanahan(notes) decision. [Chere]

• Finally ... a Paul Coffey fight? OK, more like a high-school wrestling match. But sort of a fight.

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