Puck Headlines: Preds rookie beefcake; Anaheim lucky or good?

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• Clutch goaltending by Jonas Hiller? A star-making performance by Ryan Getzlaf? Defense that has neutralized some of the Detroit Red Wings' best offensive weapons? Nah ... the Anaheim Ducks are just the beneficiaries of silly, stupid luck, according to Krista Jahnke of the Detroit Free Press: "If the Wings are Bill Gates in math class, I suppose the Ducks are the C+ student who randomly fills in the bubbles. Let's just hope this time they don't luck out and set the curve." [Freep]

Brian Rafalski is out yet again for Game 3. [NHL]

• Among Kirk Maltby's nicknames: "Malts," "Milkshake," "Shake," "Shaker," and "Cliff Claven." And, for the record, Chris Osgood has nicknamed Kris Draper "Norris" after Chuck Norris. And Kris Draper facts in 3 ... 2 ...[Freep, via Snapshots]

• Can't. Stop. Using. Max. Talbot. Soundboard. [I Bleed Black and Gold]

• Steven Ovadia on the Caps and Pens: "Meanwhile, you know the NHL is trying to figure out a way to have Ovechkin play Crosby one-on-one in the playoffs. It's going to happen, either through penalties or a suspicious elevator failure." [Puck Update]

• While the rest of the world celebrates the Washington Capitals vs. Pittsburgh Penguins semifinal showdown, Michael Menser Dell of LCS provides needles for our balloons: "The Caps haven't earned anything. Pittsburgh simply hasn't competed. The Pens are standing around and watching." [LCS Hockey]

• Cameron Frye found some photos of Colin Wilson, the Nashville Predators prospect and former Boston University star, at a the Ivy Man Beauty Pageant, which is a Alpha-Phi sorority charity event. Cameron has Alan Ruck'd the other face to protect the innocent; but if you're into this sort of thing, we doubt you've noticed that yet. [Cameron Frye]

Sean Avery? Smoking cigarettes? How is Bettman going to explain that to his daughter? [NY Post, H/T Wayne]

• SENSHobo thinks the Chad LaRose "no goal" from Game 2 shows that the NHL is way behind the NFL in video review technology. And dog fighting arrests. But we're at least tied in New York franchises, and actually ahead if you include the Devils. Hi-five, Gary. [SENSHobo]

• What do the Carolina Hurricanes have to do to earn a power play against the Boston Bruins? [Canes Country]

• Michael Russo debunks some rumors and sets the field for the Minnesota Wild's GM vacancy: Pittsburgh Penguins assistant GM Chuck Fletcher, TV's Pierre McGuire, Pat Quinn, Nashville Predators assistant GM Paul Fenton and Wild acting GM Tom Lynn are in; agent Neil Sheehy and former Toronto Maple Leafs GM John Ferguson, not so much. [Star Tribune]

• Spector looks at what the San Jose Sharks, Calgary Flames, New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers will look to do in the offseason. Like trading Patrick Marleau in San Jose's case. [THN]

• Gary Bettman's plan for the Phoenix Coyotes: "We're gonna fix them. That's what we do when we have franchises in trouble." If you cue up the guitar part from Coldplay's "Fix You" on the first word of that quote, you get goose bumps. Swear. [Toronto Sun]

• The Philadelphia Flyers confirm they've discussed Ray Emery's availability with his agent, which gives the Philly sports media a chance to discuss recreational drug use. [Philly.com]

• If you have a Bar Mitzvah or a family reunion and need some party space, there's an arena in Philadelphia that's sadly available this spring. [Inquirer]

• Seeking to impress his critics, Steven Stamkos grabs Antti Miettinen and flies him into the stratosphere, ala Nathan in "Heroes." [AP]

• Out of Context Double Entendre Quote of the Day by Dustin Byfuglien: "I'm someone with a big body so I feel it's something I have to do." [NHL]

• In an AHL playoff game, former Red Wings goon Aaron Downey had a dangerous hit, a two-handed smack to an opponent's gut and reportedly elbowed a goalie in the head earlier in the series. Colin Campbell has nominated him for the medal of freedom. [On the Wings]

• The Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs gave us this fight. Someone must save this franchise. [NOLA]

• Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Ian White is heading back to Toronto with a neck injury and concussion-like symptoms suffered at worlds. [Leafs]

• Interesting post about opponents exploiting pre-existing injuries: "What's the difference between attempting to injure an opponent with a dirty play to gain an advantage, and attempting to capitalize on an existing injury and aggravate it with otherwise 'clean' hits for the same reason? In my opinion, there isn't much: even though the means are slightly different, the anticipated end is the same." [Silver Sevens]

• Finally, here's some reaction from Marc-Andre Fleury and Bill Guerin after Game 2's loss to the Capitals:

ECSF Game 2 Reaction From Fleury, Guerin @ Yahoo! Video

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