Puck Headlines: Pens fans upset with Classic tix; Stars owner update

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"Yeah, the beach was great until I realized that Bill McCreary was my lifeguard ... "This is a glimpse of the off-ice referee rule being tested in the NHL's Research and Development Camp, via Ian Pulver. Said Mirtle, from the camp: "They had two OHL officials here, one on the ice and one standing on a riser looking over the glass. He said he could see better from on ice."

• Clarifying the "yellow line" behind the goal line tweak. [A2Y]

• From "jump pucks" to the "XHL," a list of the most long-overdue rules changes in the NHL. [Pegasus News]

• Also on the rules-changes comedy tip, Jibblescribbits offers team reactions to many of R&D camp proposals. You can guess why the New York Islanders would favor bubble-wrapped goalie creases. [Jibblescribbits]

• Very interesting, in-depth piece about the New Jersey Devils, Ilya Kovalchuk(notes) and owner Jeff Vanderbeek. It's a bit of a history lesson, but it also raises some questions about the Devils' financial state: "In fact, the Devils rank #1 at 112% on Forbes' list of highest Debt/Value % teams in the NHL. (For comparisons sake, Phoenix is #2 at 101% and Dallas is #3 at 81%)." [The Hockey Writers]

• Mike Heika tries to nail down that Forbes reporting on the Dallas Stars being close to a sale, but everyone's either in the dark or tight-lipped. Meanwhile, reports of Mark Cuban being involved aren't flying with Stars fans. [Dallas Stars Blog]

• Some Pittsburgh Penguins fans are not very happy with the way the team has allocated seats to the 2011 Winter Classic at Heinz Field. One makes a great point: Why not allow fans to pay a little more and upgrade their seats if they choose to? [Post Gazette]

• Another excerpt from the upcoming Alex Ovechkin(notes) book from Damien Cox and the delightful Gare Joyce, this one focusing on the "cold-blooded" decisions by Ovechkin about who represented him and -- in a shocking development -- how that behavior contrasted with that of Sidney Crosby(notes). [Japers' Rink]

• Adam Proteau writes an odd column about the information age for The Hockey News: "No matter what any of us say or write, it's all beyond our control - and respecting that roller-coaster randomness can liberate your enjoyment of the game again." So please, make sure you pick up THN's annual yearbook for all of its predictions... [THN]

• What if the Marian Hossa(notes) contract was voided? "Anything can happen in the NHL but it would be hard to believe the league will mess with the Hossa contract. They already blessed the deal, but even more important he has fulfilled one year of the contract. There would be a multitude of lawsuits coming at the NHL if they tried to void the Hossa deal." [Hockey Independent]

• So what was the deal with that late-night trade the Montreal Canadiens made with the Tampa Bay Lightning? [Eyes on the Prize]

• Interesting comparison piece about the 2006-07 Anaheim Ducks (a Brian Burke production) and the 2010-11 Toronto Maple Leafs. [PPP]

• Battling for the No. 6 defenseman slot on the Atlanta Thrashers: Freddy Meyer(notes), inked today. [Blueland Blog]

• The bruising Andrew Peters(notes) inks a 1-year, 2-way deal with the Florida Panthers. Twenty-five more of him, and they can place Nathan Horton's(notes) goals next season. [Panthers]

• Puck Buddy Josef S. alerts us that a series of Pavel Datsyuk(notes) interviews have been translated over on Snapshots for your enjoyment, including Pavs on his first NHL goal: "Of course I do, so I don't forget it! It was in a game against Carolina, I shot the puck between the legs of the goalie -- yes, that was exactly it. But who stood in the net, and who passed the puck to me, I don't remember, but it was definitely one of Detroit's star players. At that time we were ona team full of star players ... Well, except for me, of course..." [Snapshots]

• Oh, Bleacher Report. [Defending Big D]

• Finally, here's a video by our buddies at The Fourth Period featuring Mike Cammalleri, Scott Gomez(notes) and PK Subban(notes) of the Montreal Canadiens, in which we learn Scotty is not "Gomer" ... but G-Love. [Stick-tap Hugo P.]

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