Puck Headlines: NHL realignment on Thrash move; Ovi home

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• New York Rangers fans are designing a memorial patch for Derek Boogaard. [NY Rangers Blog]

• The great Tom Benjamin on Game 1 between the San Jose Sharks and Vancouver Canucks: "Joe Thornton played well and Logan Couture had a moment or two, but most of the Sharks were ineffective. If Ryan Clowe and Dany Heatley don't get a lot better this series won't be as close as we all expect." [Canucks Corner]

• No word from the Boston Bruins on Patrice Bergeron's availability for Game 2.  [Bruins Blog]

• On the Tampa Bay Lightning's "no retaliation policy": "That is, if it is obvious the Bruins (who play physically, especially at home, in the hopes of goading opponents into penalties) are going to be a man down, do not get sucked in to any pushing, shoving or fighting that might mitigate the power play." [Lightning Strikes]

• With today's news about the Atlanta Thrashers and Winnipeg, Atlanta fans are rallying support to keep them in the ATL. [Thrasher Backer]

• Darren Dreger on the Thrashers to Winnipeg: "Regardless - as painful as the wait was leading up to Glendale's decision to pay to keep the Coyotes for another season - moving the Thrashers to Winnipeg is also going to take some time and quite possibly could drag through the remainder of the playoffs." [TSN]

• Obviously, if the Thrashers move, the next skate to drop will be realignment. Here's a take on the Columbus Blue Jackets, Detroit Red Wings and Nashville Predators, and which team could be headed back East should Atlanta leave: "One could make a case that the conferences are more about time zones than pure geography. For Columbus and Detroit, being the two Eastern Time Zone clubs in the Western Conference means playing 30-plus road games out of time zone, including eight games that are three time zones away. That makes for lots of 10:30 starts, which can be difficult for non-vampires. Nashville, in the Central Time Zone, never plays a road game that starts after 9:30 p.m. local time." [Puck-Rakers]

• Here's a long article looking at the Thrash, the Coyotes, Winnipeg and Columbus Blue Jackets realignment to the East. [The Cannon]

• The other skate to drop? A team name. And Chris Creamer of Sports Logos has the scoop on that: He's been told they'll be the Manitoba Moose. "True North has spent considerable time and money promoting the Moose brand, switching away from that would be like essentially flushing money down the toilet." [Sports Logos]

• This Battle of California Fun With Anagrams preview for Sharks/Canucks is genius. [BoC]

• Roberto Luongo blames is terrible turnover last night on a broken stick. OK then. [The Province]

• What if Patrice Bergeron doesn't come back for the Boston Bruins? [Y! Contributor Network]

• Lowetide on Tom Gilbert of the Edmonton Oilers: "Tom Gilbert has developed into a fine NHL defenseman. He's overexposed on this team and it's easy to poke holes in his game, but it's also clear that he is a capable player with miles of track ahead in his NHL career." [Lowetide]

• Mike Fisher goes under the knife, is upset about not being able to eat beforehand. [On The Forecheck]

• Jim Rutherford, President and General Manager of the National Hockey League's Carolina Hurricanes, today announced that the team will hold a memorial service for RBC Center Building Superintendent Donnie MacMillan on Tuesday, May 24, at 7 p.m. [Hurricanes]

• Mike Sundheim on Donny Mac's passing: "I'm pretty sure you could put 10 RBC Center/Hurricanes employees in a room, and we could collectively tell story after story about Donnie Mac for days." [Hurricanes]

• Alex Ovechkin arrives back in Moscow with Ilya Kovalchuk and a plush toilet seat he carries wherever he goes. [Alex Ovetjkin]

• The good news for Alex Ovechkin at the IIHF world championships is that it makes his Olympic performance seem absolutely Herculean by comparison. [Houses Of The Hockey]

• The Washington Capitals have announced today that they will host an Owner's Corner with founder, chairman, majority owner and chief executive officer of Monumental Sports Ted Leonsis on Thursday, May 19, at 1 p.m. exclusively on www.WashingtonCaps.com.

• Darren Eliot on Ryan Kesler and Joe Thornton butting heads in the finals: "All that's left for both Kesler and Thornton now is the ultimate winning. That the pair is squaring off in the Western Conference Final just makes for greater theater, especially given their respective teams' histories of bitter playoff disappointment. [SI]

• Jay Feaster is acting no more! The Calgary Flames are announcing him as the new GM. [TSN]

• And for his first trick, he makes Curtis Glencross a Flame for the next four years at $10.2 million and with a no-movement clause. [Herald]

• T.J. Foster of the Oil Kings is leaving to fight the Slave Lake fires. [Buzzing The Net]

• A few facts about counterfeit San Jose Sharks merch. Hint: His name isn't really Devin Chattahoochee. [Sharks]

• Puck Daddy favorite Emily Hall presents a rollicking San Jose Sharks playoff anthem … 20 years as a Sharks fan. That's a lot of teal and disappointment.

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