Puck Headlines: Maple Leafs called out; Chara gets hit in the head?

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• We love hockey photography. Big time. [Getty]

BREAKING NEWS: From Greg Brady of FAN 590 in Toronto: "Multiple sources confirm Richard Peddie is being replaced as Pres/CEO of MLSE. A search group has been hired by MLSE for his replacement. MLSE will consider internal applicants for Peddie's position. They're expected to look at candidates both in Canada & the United States." [@gregbrady71]

• Chip Alexander of the News & Observer on the All-Star Game changes: "For 2011 All-Star game, fans will pick top three forwards, 2 defensemen and goalie to start. ... NHL Hockey Ops then will pick 36 players. The players will choose two captains, who will draft teams." [Ice Chips]

• Here's something we've always wondered about: Zdeno Chara(notes) on whether he can be a victim of a head shot. Said the Boston Bruins defenseman: "You'd be surprised how many times I go to hit guys and I run into them with their heads. That happened the other night when I went to hit [St. Louis' T.J.] Oshie in the corner. I went to hit him, he leaned in, and boom I got it right in the chin. I fell down because that knocked me down. So people don't see it, but when you go and hit smaller guys and they lean ... I got it right on my chin, I went down. It's one of those things that sometimes the height is not always an advantage." [Bruins Blog]

Martin Brodeur(notes) will not play for the New Jersey Devils against the Sabres tonight, but is skating again. Just a bruise ... just a bruise ... just a ... [Fire & Ice]

Jean-Sebastien Giguere(notes) calls out the Toronto Maple Leafs: "I think it was obvious we weren't ready to start ... As a group, we just weren't ready to compete and do what we needed to do to win the game," he said. "I mean, we played better in the second and third but that's not enough. In the situation we're in, you need to see some desperation out of the guys, some competitiveness and we're not seeing that." [Globe & Mail]

• Pension Plan Puppets on the Leafs' struggles: "When Ron Wilson speaks of a lack of effort and I suggest that I see it more as a lack of intelligence I think we're just using different ways to describe the same thing." [PPP]

• The five reasons the St. Louis Blues' huge start shouldn't surprise anyone. [From The Rink]

• Remembering Philadelphia Flyers goalie Pelle Lindbergh, 25 years after he was fatally injured in an auto accident: "But for the sadness that still lingers, it is an Orange-and-Black scar that will be a constant reminder of a loss that will never fully fade." [NHLHS]

• Steven Ovadia with a review of Damien Cox and Gare Joyce's book "The Ovechkin Project": "The book is an interesting look at Ovechkin's career, but Cox and Joyce write without any kind of hypothesis about who Ovechkin is or what drives him. Instead, they seem content to report out his quirks and inconsistencies without daring to suppose what's behind them." [Puck Update]

• The Globe & Mail's writers weigh in on the All-Star Game changes. Roy MacGregor for commissioner: "I would have no referees but an honour system. If you're offside, call it. As anyone who plays rec/oldtimer hockey knows, referees cause more trouble than not. No refs, no fights and more honest calls." [G&M]

• Fear not, struggling goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury(notes) of the Pittsburgh Penguins: The ladies have your back. [Hockey For The Ladies]

• We don't want to say Eric Fehr(notes) of the Washington Capitals is soft, but the man has his own specially designed pillow. [Blue Meadows Designs]

• Who are the Montreal Canadiens? Eric Engels defines them, including: "Carey Price has embraced the challenge, and his teammates are embracing him. This is evolution, and the Canadiens have one of the best records in the league to prove it, despite coming into last night's game having lost 4 of 5. Carey Price(notes) has as good of a record as the Vancouver Canucks do." [CTV]

• Who are the New York Islanders? "Yes, the complete dismantling and regression for at least 5 of 6 games is something to note. It is a reminder that this team and kids must play a certain level mentally, emotionally and consistently or else it unravels badly." [HI]

James van Riemsdyk(notes) is benched, and Peter Laviolette hopes he gets the message. [Philly.com]

• Ask Mike Milbury anything. [NESN]

• Interesting take on hockey wagering by Brent Lemon. [Dobber]

vHouses of the Hockey presents a promising new series: The Worst Hockey Cards of All-Time. Countdown to Joe Juneau with the dog in 3...2... [Houses of the Hockey]

• If you've got nine minutes, this is an interesting clip from "Soul on Ice," described as "a forthcoming documentary about the true story of an exceptional midget AA hockey team from Detroit, Michigan. Of the 14 players: 7 attended university; 3 joined the Armed Forces; 1 became a fireman; 3 now coach youth hockey."

• If you play the lottery, chances are you've lost in the lottery. So kudos to the Nashville Predators for this deal: "Any non-winning Powerball ticket may be redeemed at the Bridgestone Arena box office for $5 off one lower-bowl seat or $3 off one upper-bowl seat for all Monday through Thursday Nashville Predators games. [Predators]

• Good news about Edmonton-born University of Denver hockey player Jesse Martin, who suffered multiple spinal fractures after being checked in a game against North Dakota: Surgery was "very successful." [Gazette]

• From Puck Buddy Keith O., a note on last night's Edmonton Oilers vs. Carolina Hurricanes game: "When you write about how Skinner had a goal and two assists, be sure to note that Hall also showed some ability by breaking his stick on the glass in frustration. Is that why Renney chose Hall to serve Peckham's two minutes for roughing after his misconduct? Probably."

Nathan Horton(notes) gets some key power play time for the Boston Bruins. Our fantasy team thanks you, Claude Julien. [Boston.com]

• Is Brad Boyes(notes) the best shootout specialist in the NHL? And if so, can the St. Louis Blues petition the NHL to have those goal totals added to his overall goals to reduce the frustration levels of all involved? [St. Louis Game Time]

Rob Niedermayer(notes) is keeping the faith as his offensive game and the Buffalo Sabres continue to struggle. [Buffalo News]

• Finally, this fight between Guillaume Coudé-Tremblay and Guillaume Veilleux is pretty good and involves a team named the Isothermic Thetford Mines.

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