Puck Headlines: Linesman's throat slashed; Olympic snubs

Here are your Puck Headlines: A glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• A 10-game home winning streak for the Phoenix Coyotes, and a franchise record? Are we really going to see this team pull the "Major League" trick and defiantly contend for a title? [NHL]

• Alas, no Shane Doan(notes) on Team Canada. More about the snubs down the column. [Fanster]

• We had some fun with a linesman taking a little collateral damage during a fight last night. But it's a dangerous gig, and Kevin Brown knows that better than most after having his throat slashed by an errant skate last night in a Junior C hockey game between Woodstock and New Hamburg in Ontario. He was rushed to the hospital, the game was suspended as blood pooled on the ice. He's recovering, although the Toronto Sun reported that he's "fighting for his life" and AM 980 in London reports Brown is listed in critical condition; you might not recover when you see the image on this story. [Slam! Sports]

• Speaking of slices, Kevin Bieksa(notes) of the Vancouver Canucks suffered another skate slash to his leg near the ankle last night against the Phoenix Coyotes that could cost him significant time. We say "another" because you'll recall he missed 47 games with a slice to his calf two seasons ago. Dude's like the John McClane of skate injuries. [Vancouver Sun]

• Continuing with the sunshine and rainbows: "An autopsy has been scheduled to determine what caused a 17-year-old high school hockey player to collapse on the ice during a team practice Tuesday night, later dying at Merrimack Valley regional hospital." Good lord, this is a sad one. [The Boston Channel, via Scotty Hockey]

• OK, a little more lighthearted: The Hockey News offers 2010 resolutions for a few teams. The Blue Jackets should really look into that whole not allowing goals thing. [THN]

• Congratulations to Jaromir Jagr(notes) for making Steinberg's list of the biggest sports busts in DC during the 2000s. [DC Sports Bog]

• Mario Lemieux was the second most important person named to the Order of Canada today ... because he didn't direct "Stripes" or "Ghostbusters." [Sportsnet]

• Canada is ousted from the Spengler Cup tournament. Team member Alex Daigle: "Hey, if you think this is disappointing ..." [CP]

Sidney Crosby's(notes) Olympic Q&A session from the Penguins, which is as exciting as it sounds. [Penguins]

• The Martin St. Louis(notes) snub for Team Canada has Tampa Bay puzzled. [Lightning Strikes]

• The Cheap Seats debates the Team Canada defense. [Cheap Seats]

• Some perspective on Mike Green's(notes) snub for the Capitals. [Japers' Rink]

• Wait, Marc Staal(notes) was on the bubble? [Blueshirt Banter]

• Of the snubs today, The Juice has to be the most mindboggling. [Canes Country]

• From Jeff I. on Twitter comes this at Fenway Park for the Classic: Boston Bruins retired numbers have been added to the Red Sox mix. More Fenway photos coming up later today.

• The ice fees for Fenway are really getting some flack locally, and especially from local school teams. Bad PR situation there. [Boston.com]

• More concerns and contingency plans for the Winter Classic and bad weather. A rain delay, rather than a game cancellation, is possible. [Globe & Mail]

• Wanna know why the Winter Classic is here to stay? From the NY Times: "The third Classic, between the Boston Bruins and the Philadelphia Flyers on Friday afternoon, is expected to generate $8 million in ticket sales at Fenway Park and $3 million in ad revenue at NBC, triple the total of two years ago." [NYT]

• The Philadelphia Flyers continue to turn things around on the road. [Philly.com]

• Meanwhile, at the home of the St. Louis Blues, things are a 5-15 horror show. Alex Steen: "Our record at home is not getting us in the playoffs right now. That's the thing that needs to change ... if we want to be a playoff team we have turn this around really quickly at home." [Post Dispatch]

• It's the end for Mathieu Schneider(notes) and the Canucks. [Sun]

• Finally, the stories of the decade via TSN.