Puck Headlines: Kevin Smith on fighting; Boudreau talks demise; Jarkko Ruutu video

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• The Jack Jablonski benefit booth at the US pond hockey championship warming tent. Jeremy Roenick was the latest NHLer to visit Jabs today. (s/t Dan McNeil)

• This was bound to happen given the coverage, and has already taken place in social media, but there's a debate about the inequity of attention given to Jack Jablonski and Jenna Privette, despite their similar circumstances, and how it related to gender. [NPR, United States of Hockey]

• Head coach Claude Julien, and assistants Doug Houda, Doug Jarvis and Geoff Ward will "coach" Team Chara at the All-Star Game. John Tortorella of the New York Rangers and Todd McLellan of the San Jose Sharks will "coach" Team Alfie. [NHL]

• Huzzah! The St. Louis Blues' minority owner Tom Stillman has signed a purchase agreement for the team. Brett Hull is "still talking" about joining the group. [STLToday.com]

• Very interesting piece on Bruce Boudreau of the Anaheim Ducks, in which he talks about the end of his days with the Washington Capitals and his decision to let others influence his style: "I don't know why I got away from it, because everything I had done was right — or it worked." [Washington Post]

• "A prosecutor says he's dropping murder charges against a former minor league hockey player accused of killing his friend in suburban Charlotte." Congrats, Bogdan Rudenko.  [Observer]

• An incendiary column by BD Gallof on the New York Islanders and Rick DiPietro, looking at the possible amnesty clause in the next CBA and the end of that albatross of a contract: "The fact is if you are the Islanders, focused on turning the corner and still saving some cash, you simply cannot ignore a gift like a possible clearing of a player from the books without a penalty. DiPietro has a high probability to be that one contract discarded if amnesty is part of the new league equation." [WFAN]

• By the numbers, this might be the worst Buffalo Sabres team in the last decade. "This year's squad keeps saying it will be better when healthy. There's no talk of building for the future. If they don't, the question of the worst team in a decade becomes a no-brainer." [Buffalo News]

• Kevin Smith on hockey fighting in today's NHL: "I like fighting as much as the next guy, but Jesus Christ, how many people have to die? Look, man, when one of the greatest hockey players living isn't playing because he's concussed, then something's seriously f—ked." [Toronto Star]

• Some additional looks at the Terry Pegula Ice Arena at Penn State. Hockey Valley … love it. [Thank You Terry, via Chris Kaminski]

• The Minnesota Wild shake up their roster: "Forwards Matt Kassian, Jed Ortmeyer, Chad Rau and defenseman Nate Prosser are coming up from Houston for the Wild, and forwards Casey Wellman and David McIntyre are headed back to the Aeros today." [Russo]

• Dustin Byfuglien is still on the mend for Winnipeg. [Sun]

• Puck Daddy endorses Bleeding Teal, our favorite San Jose Sharks vlog that involves booze.

• Here's a Terrific InfoGraphic About Where Cameras Are Placed at Sporting Events, Including Hockey at Joe Louis Arena. [Puck The Media]

• Mark Bell is back with the Anaheim Ducks. [Hockey Fights]

• The Puck Stops Here on players asking out of the All-Star Game: "The game will be the same spectacle without Lidstrom or Selanne, so why punish those players?" [TPSH]

• Eric Duhatschek on the NHL's next CBA, and how it will address struggling franchises: "Two of the fixes that the owners will want for sure: 1. Knocking the players overall share closer to the new NBA levels, where a seven-week work stoppage earlier this year resulted in a 50-50 split between owners and players; and 2. Tinkering with the gap between the salary cap ceiling and floor. Coming out of the lockout, teams were limited to a $39-million payroll, but were required to spend a minimum of $23-million. Because the business has prospered since then, the ceiling is now $64.3-million and the floor $48.3-million - and the latter is an unsustainable figure for small-market U.S. teams." [Globe & Mail]

• In praise of Dominic Moore's clutch abilities. [Lightning]

• Would the Columbus Blue Jackets trade Jeff Carter? [PHT]

• Darren Elliot on the realignment fight: "For such a large-scale plan and shift, there were precious few details. The top selling points seemed to be reduced travel for some teams during the regular schedule, with any increase being offset by having every team visit every building at least once throughout the season, and reduced road wear for all teams in the first two rounds of the playoffs." [SI]

• Jamie Benn is still a possibility for the NHL All-Star Game, although why the Dallas Stars would even consider that option at this point is baffling. Unless it's due to NHL rules about participation. [Dallas Stars Blog]

• Michigan coach Red Berenson on Jon Merrill, a New Jersey prospect: "He's got an NHL hockey IQ, so when he gets the puck he knows what to do with it," Berenson said. "He doesn't beat you with speed or anything else. He's like Nick Lidstrom." #DevilsFanBoner [NHL]

• Who is the most underappreciated Pittsburgh Penguin? Besides Fleury? [Pensburgh]

• Finally, Jarkko Ruutu is making friends in Finland. It takes a certain level of loathsome reputation to not have a hit like this garner more than a minor: Huzzah! Justice, as according to the comments "Sailio actually got a two game suspension for the hit on Ruutu."

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