Puck Headlines: Irritated Miller; Detroit’s struggles; Kaleta gets 4

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• Via David Pollak of the Mercury News, this Winston Churchill quote was found on every locker on the San Jose Sharks locker room after their road trip. Hopefully five or six on the road isn't their finest hour. [@PollakOnSharks]

• BREAKING: Patrick Kaleta is given a 4-game suspension for head-butting Jakub Voracek. [NHL]

• Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres was pulled last night against the Flyers, which means Petulant Ryan met the media on Thursday. He was asked about fans booing him. Miller responded: "I'm not talking about the fans… Because I addressed it last night. They bought a ticket. They want to boo, they want to cheer, they can do whatever they want. It doesn't really matter. They bought the ticket, they can do whatever they want. I'll leave it at that." [Sabres Edge]

• The Calgary Flames are reuniting Olli Jokinen and Jarome Iginla, who aren't exactly Oates and Hull when it comes the chemistry thing. [Matchsticks and Gasoline]

• Daniel Alfredsson on his concussion: "If I'm home with the kids and I do too much, I get light-headed and a little dizzy. I've got to sit down for a bit and then I feel okay again. Until that's gone, I'm not going to do anything physically.  "It's too short a period of time to say. But it's been different in the way you feel. I woke up the next day and didn't have a headache, so I thought 'okay, this is good. It's going in the right direction.' But as soon as I do a little too much, I get symptoms. It's a different feeling. But it hasn't got any worse and I'm hoping it's going to be a lot better (soon)." [Senators]

• Detroit Red Wings coach Mike Babcock on breaking up his star scorers: "They're not going to be together. I just played Pav and Z together nine straight games. Through that time, we haven't done enough, so I'm not playing them together." [Detroit News]

• From Drew Sharp: "The Red Wings will soon remember that the objective of hockey is to turn on that little red lamp above the other guy's goal as often as possible. They simply have too much of an offensive arsenal to believe that this goal-a-game nonsense will persist much longer.  Of greater concern should be that the gap separating the Wings from their Western Conference competitors keeps shrinking. Soon, it'll be short enough to qualify for a Kim Kardashian marriage." [Freep]

• In praise of Bruce Boudreau's balls. [Washingtonian]

• The laugh-riot NBC sitcom "Whitney" will feature characters who are Chicago Blackhawks fans. From the NHL: "In an upcoming episode of the NBC sitcom Whitney, Chris D'Elia and Dan O'Brien's characters make their on-ice allegiance known as they commiserate over a missed shot by Troy Brouwer -- still a Blackhawk for the purposes of the episode, though he now plays for the Capitals." Timely! [NHL]

• Shea Weber on the Pekka Rinne signing: "Yeah, it's a great sign. It's a huge commitment by the team, showing they're committed to the guys they brought up in the organization. Obviously we're not thinking about that right now. We're trying to win games and I'm sure the rest will sort itself out." [Tennessean]

• "Rebuilding Sidney Crosby's brain." Hoped they traded away all of his brains veterans and then used the draft lottery. That's the quickest way to rebuild. [MacLeans]

• Terry Murray on the burgeoning chemistry of Dustin Brown and Mike Richards for the Los Angeles Kings: "You've got a guy, in Richards, who is a very good puck-handler and sees the ice extremely well, and Brownie, who plays that power-forward kind of role and has speed, size, strength and goes to the net. We've seen some good things happen, with playing the game with that type of attitude." Brownie but no "Richie"? Eh, it's only November. [LA Kings Insider]

• Not for nothing, but wouldn't a fighting major be one reason why Luke Schenn's ice time took a dip last night? [QMI]

• How does this 4-5-1 start for the New Jersey Devils compare to recent years. (Spoiler: Better than 2010-11.) [ILWT]

• Brough believes Pekka Rinne is a product of the Nashville Predators system and defense and hence not worth the contract. [PHT]

• Nice piece on François Brassard with the Quebec Ramparts. [Buzzing The Net]

• Mike Commodore makes his Detroit Red Wings debut tonight. (Before you ask, we're still waiting to hear back from Commie on the charity thing from the summer.) [Wings]

• Bourne says it's time for the NHL to let Patrick Kaleta have it. [Backhand Shelf]

• Chris Mason goes on IR for the Winnipeg Jets. [NHL]

• Does Mason Raymond still have a place in the Vancouver Canucks' lineup? [Rant Sports]

• Does Mike Yeo have a goalie controversy for the Minnesota Wild, since Josh Harding keeps getting starts and wins? "We're spending a lot of time talking about it like we have a goalie controversy or something right now," Yeo said. "To me, it's just a guy who's earned an opportunity to go out and get the net again. We go day by day here." [Star Tribune]

• Jim Rutherford is now a part-owner of the Carolina Hurricanes. [Canes Country]

• Fun piece by Adam Jahns on the fathers of the Chicago Blackhawks' fighters. Dan Carcillo's dad: "When he was in Sarnia [of the Ontario Hockey League], he lived with a billet, and this billet was always pretty strict with him. He used to sneak out at night and go out with his friends. We never found out until later. He was always causing problems with this billet. Playing in Sarnia, I asked him, 'How is it?' He says, 'Dad, it's like playing in a library. It's too quiet.' So right then and there, you know he likes the rowdiness."  [Sun Times]

• Some Dallas Stars T-short ideas. So Souray might be a winner. [Pegasus News]

• Phoenix Coyotes General Manager Don Maloney announced today the Coyotes have recalled forward Kyle Chipchura from the Portland Pirates, the Coyotes American Hockey League affiliate (AHL).

• The NHL finally sets up its television deals in Europe, including ESPN. [Globe & Mail]

• Finally, Sean Avery of the New York Rangers was featured on Mr. Porter's "The Way I Dress" feature. Watch him explain his style choices as he methodically gets dressed. Very, very … very … methodically. [A Glam Slam, via Michelle Kenneth]

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