Puck Headlines: Huzzah! Hockey's finally back tonight!

Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• Hockey's back with nine games on the preseason schedule! And there's a triple-header of action on NHL Network tonight, including the Philadelphia Flyers and New Jersey Devils. The champs actually open on Wednesday night, but Hockey Broad captured these awesome shots of Marty Turco's(notes) new mask at Chicago Blackhawks camp. Check out more from her via Flickr. [NHL.com]

Chris Pronger(notes) on healing his injuries and what the Flyers' glut of defensemen means for his ice time this season. [Daily News]

• The "Free Marty/Ban The Trapezoid" T-shirt is short on design, big on ideas. [In Lou We Trust]

• Brad Lee of St. Louis Game Time, on the start of the St. Louis Blues' exhibition season: "The players know they screwed up last season. They know they got Andy Murray fired and Chris Mason(notes) banished to Atlanta and got Kariya concussed and unsigned and ended Tkachuk's career. They know the expectations." [STLGT]

Calgary Flames forward Matt Stajan(notes) on the Toronto Maple Leafs and the fans who are already convinced they won the Dion Phaneuf(notes) trade: "All the best to them." [QMI]

• Alexander Blinov is no longer the coach of the KHL's Amur Khabarovsk, lasting only five games this season. Google Translate tells us that "Alexander Blinov" is actually Russian for "Barry Melrose." [SB Nation]

• A great interview with Patrick Kane(notes) of the Chicago Blackhawks, but more importantly: Eric Duhatschek's iPod has 208 songs by Jimmy Buffet on it? [Globe & Mail]

New York Rangers captain Chris Drury(notes) is only expected to miss three or four regular season games with his busted finger. How odd it will feel for Rangers fans to look out on the ice and not notice Chris Drury ... [Blueshirts Blog]

• Planning a wedding? Please consider using Los Angeles Kings twill on the tux vests and giving your groomsmen Islanders bathrobes. [Page 2]

Leahy's story on Miracle on Ice Olympian Mark Wells and his gold medal has created quite a stir. If you know of any charitable efforts being organized to help him, email us and we'll pimp them here and on social media.

• Down Goes Brown presents signs you're getting cut this week: "When you ask the coach how long your shifts should be, he replies ‘How would I know, I'm not the late-night manager of a gas station convenience store.'" [DGB]

• Pro Hockey Talk had an ambitious project: Snagging camp reports from 30 bloggers on their biggest positional battles. Good stuff. [PHT]

• Update on an awful story: Ex-NHL defenseman Jason Smith faces a Nov. 12 trial for allegedly assaulting his wife and daughter. He's pleading not guilty. "The trial was set by provincial court Judge Heather Lamoureux on Monday after a clause that prevented Smith from having contact with his family was removed from his bail conditions." [Calgary Herald]

• Speaking of awful: Patrice Cormier(notes) pleads not guilty as well. [Y! Sports]

• Interesting piece from the New York Times about how the Pittsburgh Penguins have cultivated a "mobile" fan club, using cell phones and smart phones to engage their customers. This won't really fly until you can rent out Max Talbot(notes) to do your outgoing message. [NYT]

• NHL social media maven Mike DiLorenzo on the League's engagement of fans: "I think our fans are active not only in following the League, teams and players on social media, but sounding off directly to us. I would also put NHL fans up against any others when it comes to trash talking with each other." [ZDNET]

• It's great to read Brandon Worley blogging about the Dallas Stars again: "Nieuwendyk has been forced to rebuild without actually rebuilding. He wanted to maintain the Dallas Stars as a competitive team while also preparing for the years to come. He knows he doesn't have a Stanley Cup team on his hands, but what he does have is the strong foundation for what could be in just a few short years." [Defending Big D]

• The Kurtenblog finds some comments by Roberto Luongo(notes) about his new Vancouver Canucks goaltending coach a tad curious. [KB]

• Interesting keepsake for a good cause: An autographed Canadian 2010 Men's gold medal Olympic Hockey Team Cigar case with CAO cigars. A "large proceed" will go to the Peterson for Parkinson's fund, and the seller claims that Nashville Predators Coach Barry Trotz said he'll buy'em if they don't sell high. Opening bid is $2,000. In a related story, we're going to have to talk smokes with Barry Trotz at some point. [eBay]

• Predators tough guy Wade Belak(notes) on his offseason: "In August I got accepted to Williamson County Fire Rescue Squad, so I'm just now completing the volunteer certification so with a few more classes and a few more tests, I should be ready to go. That's pretty much what I did in the off-season. Oh, and I went to a few NASCAR events." [Section 303, via On The Forecheck]

• The Joey Moss Cup intra-squad game is tonight in Edmonton, and the Oilers will have a line of Shawn Horcoff(notes), Ales Hemsky(notes) and Taylor Hall(notes). Puck Buddy LGW Green connects the dots: "Triple H line to showcase the Pedigree of their Game." [Oilers]

• The Carolina Hurricanes and Jeff Skinner(notes) agree on his rookie contract. "The contract will pay Skinner $810,000 per season at the NHL level or $67,500 per season at the minor-league level. Skinner receives a $270,000 signing bonus as a part of the contract." [Canes]

• Marty Vance with a solid look at Drew Stafford's(notes) prospects with the Buffalo Sabres this season. Great analysis. [Double-Edged Sabres]

• Ryan Dixon makes the case that New York Islanders center John Tavares(notes) should move to the wing: "He appears more suited to slinking to the shadows rather than being the center of attention, lugging the puck into the offensive zone. Hull was a master at disappearing on the ice, then suddenly materializing in a prime scoring spot, just in time to unload a one-timer." [The Hockey News]

• Via Hockey For The Ladies, your Sidney Crosby(notes) photos of the week. [HftT]

• Finally, here's Chris Osgood(notes) and Mike Babcock of the Detroit Red Wings talking about redemption for the veteran. [Ed. Note: We had an old hockey-related commercial here, but YouTube took it down due to some sort of terms of use violation.]