Puck Headlines: Green Lantern vs. Bruins; Isles arena deal?

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• From reader Eitan Levine comes the pun to end all puns on NHL.com, since corrected to read "Pens Are Mightier." This is what you get for hiring Sean Connery as a web editor.

• The gossip column from the Boston Herald reports that Vancouver-born actor Ryan Reynolds jawed with 22 of the Boston Bruins at a restaurant about the Stanley Cup Final, brought them shots of tequila and then watched as the Bruins passed the shots along to a bachelorette party. Why so mean to a fine comedic actor? (Seriously, "Just Friends" FTW.) Perhaps the Bruins loathe bandwagon Canucks fans? Perhaps enough of them saw "The Green Lantern" to feel a level of animosity and/or desire for a refund? Team ScarJo/Alanis, maybe? [Boston Herald]

• "St. Louis Blues ownership has rejected an offer of $167 million to buy the franchise and is seeking a $190 million purchase price, according to the group that says it made the unsuccessful bid." Dave Checketts is a chooser. [Post Dispatch]

• New hope to keep the New York Islanders in Uniondale, via a $346.5 million renovation project: "Under the plan, developed by a task force of the Association for a Better Long Island, a private developer would spend $100 million to renovate and expand the existing Coliseum. The height of the arena would increase by as much as 25 feet, and there would be between 17,000 and 20,000 seats -- compared with just over 16,000 now." Oh, cruel irony: Increasing the height of the arena years after trading Chara. [Newsday]

• Kudos to Travis Hughes for some great work on the Tomas Hyka story, as the Philadelphia Flyers have a strange comedic snafu with an undrafted player. [Broad Street Hockey]

• Check the second header here for bonus details on Sean Couturier's contract with the Philadelphia Flyers. He can earn up to $450,000 per season if he hits the marks (assuming he actually makes the team). [Frequent Flyers]

• Check out BizNasty on the Jimmy Traina Hot Clicks podcast. Good stuff. [SI.com]

• The new Los Angeles Kings road jerseys vs. the Los Angeles jerseys from "Lethal Weapon III." [Jewels From The Crown]

• This officially makes Anze Kopitar our favorite player of the hour. After his season-ending injury, what's the first thing he did? "The first thing I did was go to an In-N-Out and buy myself a burger." Ordererd off the special menu too, we imagine. Pimp. [Kings]

• Becoming a New York Rangers fan is too steep a price to pay, but the food at MSG sounds ridiculously good. [NY Times]

• The New York Rangers offer up some potential lines, including Wolski/Richards/Gaborik, aka Trade Deadline/9 Years From Now/Depends On His Groin. [NYDN]

• Looking at the facts and myths about Alex Semin. For example, he doesn't actually have the power of invisibility, it may just be a cloak he sometimes wears. [Japers' Rink]

• Harrison with a look at how the Vancouver Canucks will be affected by the loss of Christian Ehrhoff. [Pass It To Bulis]

• The frugal charms of Jim Rutherford lead to the Carolina Hurricanes GM getting a new four-year extension. "Jim is one of the premier general managers in all of sports," said Karmanos. "In the 14 years since the Hurricanes arrived in North Carolina, his leadership has allowed our franchise to host two Stanley Cup Finals, the NHL All-Star game and the NHL draft, bringing tremendously positive attention to the team and the area. This contract will take him through his 30th year with our hockey organization, and I am proud to have been associated with Jim for that long." [Hurricanes]

• "The National Hockey League will host a major press event Sept. 26 at Citizens Bank Ballpark in Philadelphia." Please tells us this has something to do with John Kruk and the VERSUS studio show. [NHL]

• Evgeni Malkin was in beast mode for the Pittsburgh Penguins on Wednesday night. [Trib Review]

• The Montreal Canadiens' hazing of prospects Brendan Gallagher and Nathan Beaulieu. "Michael Cammalleri jammed his stick in Beaulieu's pant leg to pull him off balance." [Globe & Mail]

• Get ready for the offensive juggernaut that is Steve Ott. [Stars]

• Finally, great to see Pavel Datsyuk doing this again. Heartbreaking to see him do it wearing this number.

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