Puck Headlines: Ducks owner suspended, Sundin in NYC?

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• We've done way too much today on the Tampa Bay Lightning's new owners for this to be its own post. But what Oren Koules did for David Carle at the NHL Draft is one of the classiest things we've seen in a long time, even if it does cement the relative insignificance of a seventh-round draft pick. [Sports Frog]

• As a rule, the NHL frowns upon its owners making false statements to the SEC and facing federal charges. You know, like Henry Samueli did. So the League suspended the Anaheim Ducks owner from any future involvement with the team, while Anaheim named Chief Executive Officer Michael Schulman its new governor. No word if this will affect Samueli's ability to trade Ryan Getzlaf rookie cards at memorabilia shows. Remember those innocent Mighty Ducks days when the logo was goofy and Ron Wilson hadn't been fired yet? Sweet nostalgia. [Globe & Mail]

• The always-interesting conflict between New York Rangers fans and Wall Street suits, this time over the potential signing of Mats Sundin. [Hockey Rodent]

• A fascinating analysis of the League's three-year scoring trend makes Earl Sleek wonder: "Could the ‘New NHL' with its hyped-up offense-friendly rules end up lower-scoring than before the lockout?" [Battle of California]

• ESPN's Barry Melrose Tribute. If it were an honest tribute, it would have been done over the course of 25 takes. [Kuklas Korner]

• Inside a rather overcrowded post on Puck Daddy that managed to cover everything from Wade Redden on the Toronto Maple Leafs to "The Love Guru," there was this quote from Chuq over on Two for Elbowing regarding Ron Wilson's hiring and Brian Burke's courtship by the Leafs: "What, exactly, does this say about the relative power balance of Canada and the U.S. when the Leafs have to hire Americans to fix the franchise?" This statement led to a very revealing conversation over on Geek Thoughts about nationalism, racism, Nicklas Lidstrom, country music and about a thousand other related topics. It's one of the best things we've read today. [Geek Thoughts]

Joe Sakic won't decide on his future before July 1, and the Colorado Avalanche are about done with Andrew Brunette. [All Things Avs]

• A whole mess of New Jersey Devils news, including an indication that human rag doll Sergei Brylin is talking with the team. [Fire & Ice]

• Please welcome our old Deadspin hockey pal Dany Heatley Speedwagon to the hockey blogosphere, via the wickedly cool Scarlett Ice.

The New York Times presents a wonderful remembrance of the Austin Ice Bats, the minor league team that gave us Guaranteed Fight Night and was "the sweatiest, rowdiest, bruisingest pack of transplanted Canadians ever to charm this river city." [NYT]

• Finally, we found this during the playoffs and then completely forgot about it. But if you've ever wanted to see Chris Chelios take out a French-speaking popcorn man ... Merry Christmas:

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