Puck Headlines: Will Coach Q pay for Colorado's playoff demise?

Here are your Afternoon Puck Headlines: A glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• Happy Cinco Rob DiMaio, everyone. [Power Play Blog]

• The news out of Colorado on the Coach Joel Quenneville front has been quiet. Very, very quiet, considering his contract is up. Joe from Mile High Hockey makes the case that the Avs should bid Q adieu: "At times the team seemed crippled by his line combinations, his atrocious power play strategies and the dreaded goalie carousel---the existence of which doomed the Avs in the early season and the non-existence of which doomed them in the post-season." [Mile High Hockey]

• If you put Andrea Bocelli in a spaceship and rocketed him into orbit around Neptune, he'd still be able to see the multihued radiance from the suit Don Cherry wore this weekend. Seriously, we're pretty sure this is what a florist witnesses on a bad acid trip. [Going Five Hole]

• Your Round 3 postseason schedules, ladies and gents. [Off the Posts]

• A stat-geek breakdown of the Philadelphia Flyers/Pittsburgh Penguins series. [Hockey Numbers]

• Let's not get ahead of ourselves, but a Detroit Red Wings/Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Final would be pretty fracking epic, wouldn't it? Which probably means we should prepare ourselves for the Flyers and Stars ... [Hockey.com]

• A very nice award for one of the men who turned Chicago Blackhawks hockey back into something we give a damn about. [Mirtle]

• Our friend Kevin Schultz is floating the idea that there's some sort of Barry Melrose Curse keeping the Stanley Cup out of Canada. All due respect to Schultz, but the only Barry Melrose Curse is the F-bomb he drops when he realizes his flask is empty, moments before a live hit on ESPNews. [Barry Melrose Rocks]

• For Washington Capitals fans, a difficult decision: Support the team that eliminated you from the postseason, or support the team that's still arguably your most hated rival and currently employs Sidney Crosby? [Washington Capitals Message Boards]

• Even though the Montreal Canadiens were rather embarrassed by the Flyers in Round 2, Jack Todd would like to thank them for the "fandamonium" they gave Montreal. "The bottom line is that this team made hockey in this city fun again after the down years, the bad years, the boring years." Yeah, let's all shed a tear for the Canadiens and their decades of hardship. [Gazette]

• Finally, a gay man overcomes years of "hockey denial" to embrace the Canadiens. While working out on a Stairmaster at the gym, naturally. [Library Muscle Guy]

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