Puck Headlines: Carey Price responds to fans; Franzen/Orpik hit

Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• Here is lovely spokesmodel Dan Steinberg with the Pittsburgh Penguins/Washington Capitals 24/7 logo, which HBO said has been black and gold for previous incarnations of the show and is not Penguins-specific -- although a producer told us they might "get some red" in there. Much more on this later.

• Interesting changes for Roberto Luongo's(notes) goaltending style this season, with new goaltending coach Rollie Melanson: "Melanson, whose star student is Jaroslav Halak(notes), wants to see Luongo deeper in his crease; to play in the blue specifically during half-court play. It would allow Luongo a better chance to position himself for back door plays and second chances without having to lunge as often as he did during last season's playoffs." [White Towel]

• Best news we've heard all day: "Mandi Schwartz, sister of 2010 St. Louis Blues' first-round draft choice Jaden Schwartz finally has received the stem cell transplant she requires in an effort to beat the cancer that has been destroying her bone marrow since December, 2008." [NHL.com]

Carey Price(notes) to Montreal fans: "Relax, chill out ... We've got lots of time. We're not winning the Stanley Cup in the first exhibition game." [CBC Sports]

• Asking Montreal Canadiens fans to step back from the ledge on Carey Price and his exhibition-game performance. [Habs Blog]

Johan Franzen(notes) is skating Thursday after a hit from Brooks Orpik(notes) of the Pittsburgh Penguins on Wednesday night that injured his leg; a hit that he felt was suspension-worthy. But the Canadian Press reports the Mule will miss three games. [A2Y]

• Mike Babcock, on the kneeing that earned Orpik a game misconduct: "I didn't think it was a very good hit. I don't think they'd be happy if one of our guys did that to (Sid) Crosby or (Evgeni) Malkin." [Detroit News]

• The managing editor of DetroitRedWings.com writes a column about Brooks Orpik under the headline, "Hit on Franzen worthy of suspension." [Red Wings]

• Epic interview with Alex Semin and Alex Ovechkin(notes), translated from Russian. Semin, when asked if he's "a Cup player": "Yeah, let them say what they want. I think that a player has to be a player at all times-in the regular season or in the playoffs. But everything in life can happen to a person: something doesn't go right here, some bad luck happens there. Why should you change something about yourself? I don't understand how that is possible-to play one way in the regular season and an entirely different way in the playoffs." [Japers' Rink]

Jesse Boulerice(notes) assisted on a Sidney Crosby(notes) goal on Wednesday night, and was cut Thursday morning. Equilibrium is reestablished in the world. [Penguins]

• Bill Gallacher hasn't officially pulled out of the ownership derby for the Dallas Stars. [Heika]

• "Ryan McDonagh and Derek Stepan(notes) played together at the University of Wisconsin, and tonight they play together at Madison Square Garden." [NYDN]

• Why the veteran tryout contract is a good idea for all involved: "A veteran player in a flexible situation provides a safety net for all of these. And as we've seen in recent years, some of these old dogs still have plenty of bite left. Sure, it may just be 15-20 goals in the regular season (and really, at under a million bucks, is that a bad thing?) but they usually have a knack for reclaiming those old glory moments at the right time." [From The Rink]

• Separated shoulder for Matt Stajan(notes) of the Calgary Flames. Ouch. [CBC Sports]

• Michael Russo on the inevitable point at which the Minnesota Wild will see their sellout streak end in the regular season. [Star Tribune]

• Good piece on the Eric Brewer(notes) as St. Louis Blues captain, and why it bugs the heck out of some fans: "As outsiders, most fans still don't understand why Brewer remains captain. I wonder if all this defense of him doesn't put more pressure on a player who by all observations has not handled the expectations laid on his shoulders after being the main piece in the Chris Pronger(notes) trade." [STL Game Time]

• The visitor's locker-room policy for bloggers we wrote about last month appears to have been enacted by NHL teams. [FanHouse, with more from OFB]

• Finally, here's what CONSOL Energy Center is looking like for the Penguins' first game there.