Puck Daddy's 2010 Winter Classic Parade, contest winners

Tournament of Roses parade, eat your heart out. Before we unveil the winners for our 2010 Puck Daddy's Create-a-Winter-Classic-Float competition, here is the completely unofficial virtual parade for the game between the Philadelphia Flyers and Boston Bruins scheduled for Jan. 1 at Fenway Park in Boston.

With a budget of millions hundreds roughly 20 cents, we hope you enjoy this snarky, silly appetizer for this season's Classic.

Puck Daddy's 2010 Winter Classic Virtual Parade @ Yahoo! Video

Wow, that's a lot of bagpipes ... and Chara.

The full gallery of entries for this latest and greatest contest are up on Flickr. Coming up, the three winners for our latest Photoshop contest.

First off, we want to thank everyone that entered the contest during the last month. Whether it's Gary Bettman or Create-a-Card or the Gloating Bruins Fan, we're consistently amazed by the creativity and level of puckhead smarts on display. We're honored to provide some whimsical distractions for you, and we're honored you continue to support them. Eventually, the prizes will match the effort.

That said: Hey, look, prizes and winners!

Third Place

Hockeysteve's Rick DiPietro(notes) float tragedy was an early and awesome addition to the contest. Great concept, funny execution.

Congrats, sir, on winning a $50 gift certificate for Two Eight Nine Designs, one of the coolest sports T-shirt makers on the Web. Home of the Taro Tsujimoto and the Ovechkin "Obey" shirts.

Second Place

Aaron D.'s Claude Lemieux(notes) Turtle balloon, ably assisted by the Detroit Red Wings, was an example of the aforementioned "puckhead smarts on display." Well-received and well done.

Congrats, sir, on the authentic NHL jersey with the player of your choice (and supplies may affect those choices) along with a one-year subscription to The Fourth Period magazine, courtesy of TFP.

First Place

The consensus No. 1 by Puck Daddy staffers: Kellan M.'s artistic rendering of a Boston Bruins/naked Zdeno Chara(notes) float, inspired by the ESPN Body Issue. A float you can't un-see.

Congrats, Kellan, on the $75 cold hard cash and a Winter Classic prize pack that shall include a shirt and other swag from the NHL.

Again, check out the full gallery on Flickr and let us know if we missed uploading any of them. Thanks again to the sponsors and the readers, and maybe next time we'll do this parade for real somewhere near the site of the 2011 Classic (and if you think we're joking -- we're not. Start planning now).

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