Puck Daddy’s top 5 goals at the 2012 NHL All-Star Game

Harrison Mooney

Like that Oct. 27 game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Winnipeg Jets, the 2012 NHL All-Star Game was a high-scoring affair full of beautifully executed offensive plays and a complete absence of defending.

But, unlike that game, Sunday's score surprised no one. Also there were no Jets.

Sure, Team Chara's 12-9 victory over Team Alfredsson featured some dry stretches, and it was clear that the effort level was lacking at times, but in our opinion, it was still a fun and entertaining event, especially since some of the goals were downright spiffy.

If you missed the game and can't be bothered to relive all 21 goals, here are our five favorites:

5. Daniel Sedin, Team Alfredsson, 11-9


One of many 2-on-1s that we saw on the night, but this one was extra special for the finish, as Henrik feeds his brother for the score, then nearly runs the Bruins' netminder over. Thankfully, because this is an All-Star game, rather than drive through him, Henrik manages to stop just in time and the two wind up in a friendly embrace. It's not just a good goal -- it's also the hockey hug of the night.

4. Evgeni Malkin, Team Chara, 2-0

All right, so it's not like either Keith Yandle or Dan Girardi did much to take the body here, but Malkin still shows off some pretty slick hands, corralling this puck only inches from the goal line and flipping it up over Henrik Lundqvist, short side.

3. Henrik Sedin, Team Alfredsson, 3-2

The Sedins have a lot of experience playing with a squirrely linemate that falls down a lot, so it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that they showed some impressive chemistry during a brief stint with Flyers' forward Scott Hartnell. This might have been the night's prettiest passing play. Hartnell shouting "The Sedin triplets!" really sells it, although we all know no Sedin would ever let his hair get that unkempt.

2. Marian Hossa, Team Chara, 9-8

Great work by Erik Karlsson to track down Marian Hossa on this breakaway, but Hossa is undeterred, stickhandling deftly on the backhand before flipping a shot through Karlsson's legs and just under the bar.

1. Daniel Alfredsson, Team Alfredsson, 5-5

He didn't win the MVP, primarily because Tim Thomas robbed him of his hat trick numerous times in the third (not sure which is more classic Thomas, playing his heart out to win an All-Star game, or snubbing a respected leader in a national capital, amirite?). Still, Alfredsson had the best goal of the night, splitting the defense with some fancy stickwork before tying the game at five apiece. Scott Hartnell calling the play adds a nice touch too.

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