Puck Daddy’s salute to awesome Beer League teams, Vol. 2

Last week, we presented a gallery of Beer League team names and sweaters that were inspired by the legendary Hat Trick Swayzes of Maryland. That gallery inspired even more readers to send in their favorite teams, such as Kevin Burgundy of Stay Classy with this flexible number:

From Kevin Burgundy:

Behold! Another terrific beer league hockey jersey. While the team name "Victorious Secret" leaves a little to be desired (let's be honest, we can't all be the Hat Trick Swayzes), the sweet logo and elegant colors make this jersey a win. Also note the tie-down, which was a heavily contested decision among the team.

Overall, a pretty sharp beer league jersey (with matching socks too!).  One of the pictures is a hanging jersey. The other is me, Kevin Burgundy, after winning our Facility Championships.

Hockey Dads, it's time to ask yourselves: Am I doing enough to keep my son off the pole (jersey)?

Since our last gallery, something rather interesting happened. The Dayton Gems, a CHL team in Ohio, was so inspired by the Beer League love that it's decided to do a Beer League Night next season. Send in your jersey photos to jerseys@daytongems.net, as the winning design's team (after a fan vote) will be invited to Dayton to watch the Gems play a game in those sweaters and have a chance to play themselves between periods.

Now, please indulge in another round of inventive, humorous and boundary-pushing jerseys from Beer Leagues around North America in Puck Daddy's Salute To Awesome Beer League Teams, Vol. 2 …

Here … we … go.

From reader Mike Thompson:

This team was organized by the goalie and he got to pick the jersey colors and name. He also got an artist friend to mock up the logo for the jersey maker.  The D3 championship practically leaped into our laps!

Honorary captain: Ken Klee.

From reader Mat DePasquale:

I am an esteemed member of the Tighty Whities.  Yes, that's underwear on our jerseys.  When we started our league, all of the teams were given colors until we could get sponsors.  We ended up with white and after a season with no sponsor, decided we wanted cool jerseys anyhow.  So, we thought of names to go with 'white' and this is what we came up with.

Actually, the AHL logo designer for the Manitoba Moose did our logo for us.  Note the uber cool Gretzky-era Kings style. The kids in the area love it. I can't keep Tighty Whities beanie hats in stock.

Mat also adds: "I think Tiger Woods sort of ripped our logo off.  I'm considering legal action."

Cody offers this sweater:

We are the "Fighting Moose Knuckles" in Denver, Colorado.  We are a combo of guys from Alaska, California, Toronto, Texas and Minnesota. We used Gemini Athletics in Minn. to make the jerseys who took the 2005 Univ. of Alaska Anchorage jerseys, and we dropped off the rack for the jersey logo because nothing is scarier than a female moose! Enjoy!

Ah, but here's the thing: There are slightly fewer guys named Pierre in Quebec than there are teams named the Moose Knuckles in Beer League hockey …

From reader Rory:

We started a roller hockey (now ice) team about 6 years ago in North Jersey called the Moose Knuckles. We took the name from one of the teams in Dodgeball because it was the lesser-known brother of the Camel Toe at the time.

Even though you can probably find Moose Knuckles in every beer league in North America due to the wild popularity of the term, I bet none of them have home jerseys quite like us (although I'm willing to be shown otherwise...maybe have a Best Moose Knuckle contest).

Really, there's only one way to settle this: Knuckles vs. Knuckles in thumb wrestling.

From reader Brian Tighe:

I play on a beer league team out of the Ice Vault in Wayne, NJ that has a name and jersey set that rivals the Hat Trick Swayzes.

The Short Bus All-Stars.

The name was originally thought up for a beer pong tournament back in college.  Afterward, a bunch of us who played on the college team together started a roller hockey team (later moving to ice, thank god) and adopted the SBAS name, as well as having a logo and pimp-ass jerseys made up.

To paraphrase Homer J. Simpson: Ah, beer pong. The cause of and the solution to all of life's problems.

Here is Bill from Raleigh:

I enjoyed reading Vol. 1 of this series and I will admit you currently had the #1 team name and logo (Hat Trick Swayze's) … until now.

Let me introduce you to the Beer Goggles of Raleigh, NC.

We formed this team a few years ago and thanks to an awesome custom-designed logo, we have the best jerseys in North Carolina, bar none.

As Captain, my job is to figure whose turn it is to bring the beer.  Seriously.  It's so important, we gracefully found a new home for an ex-teammate who forgot the beer a few times.

Our ages range from the late-20's to the mid-60's, and when not sharing cold ones in the parking lot (before and after the game), we actually have notched a few championships along the way.

However, the thing that distinguishes the Beer Goggles from the 2nd place contenders in your list is Networking.  We have 'Beer Goggles' stickers that are strategically located across the globe.  From the RBC Arena in N.C. where the Carolina Hurricanes play, we've stickered casinos in Las Vegas to street signs in Milan, Italy and as far away as Cape Point, South Africa.  We've documented our progress on Youtube. Our team has a simple saying - BG4L.  Beer Goggles for Life!

We don't know, these jerseys don't look all that great. (glug glug glug belch) On second thought, we want to take them home.

From reader Jeffrey Moore … well, yeah:

The Gozinya Beavers began our ascent, or some might argue descent, into the annals of Beer League hockey lore a little more than ten years ago.  Originally conceived by a group of guys who took part in weekly roller hockey parking lot games, our team name is equal parts sophomoric humor and unabashed brilliance, as I've never seen it copied once (maybe that should tell me something).  Even though we've been around so long, we've kept our core group of seven or eight guys together, an achievement about as impressive as how quickly we can finish off a case of beer after a game.

Ironically, our team's performance has improved with age.  When we started out, we were thin, spry 20-somethings, winning only on extremely rare occasions.  Now, with the majority of our team well into our 30s, slightly overweight and (most of us) sporting year-round playoff beards, we win about as many as we lose, even making it to our Beer League finals two seasons in a row.

Despite our mostly mediocre play, we've achieved an almost cult-like status, at least in our own minds.  We've had a corner at the rink we play at renamed the "Gozinya Corner," due to our strong commitment to sticking around following our games and drinking as many beers as we can.  And we've also managed to get a sign bearing our team name on a Detroit Red Wings' TV broadcast during a Red Wings-Stars regular season game, which resulted in me being thrown out of my front row seat in the second period by unimpressed Joe Louis Arena security, slightly puzzled as to what exactly a Gozinya Beaver was.

After numerous fights, hundreds of goals scored (and surrendered), and thousands upon thousands of cans of beer drunk, the bonds of our friendship have been solidified to the point that we now think of each other as brothers, extremely proud to be the Gozinya Beavers.


More stellar word play from Alberta, via "Gbevan" and others.

From reader Michael Baker, a prim and proper Beer League sweater:

The Lovely Hockey Finishing School.  We're a co-ed team made up of academics, activists, musicians, writers, and other kind folk playing in the Montreal Hockey Association of the Arts (part of a national network of divisions and teams which culminates in the annual Hockey Summit of the Arts each year in Toronto on Easter Weekend).

This was our first year in the league: we went 0-14 in the regular season but won the Beer Masterson Trophy for our sportsmanship (12 cases of beer) and the Where's the Beef? Award for our inclusive roster (a whole locally raised beef strip loin).  We went to the Summit and  surprised everyone, finishing as semi-finalists in our division and winning the Coming Out of Nowhere Award for best new team on and off the ice.  And we're tougher than you.


From reader Joey Graziano:

Thought I would throw our team in there…we are based out of Columbus, OH…our team is called the Whale Hunters…hope you enjoy

Oh, now that's just mean. That said, we'll remember the Whale.

Uh, incredible! From reader Ryan Connelly:

We're the Invaders. So we used the 80's Invaders for inspiration. After suggestions from the team, I designed and made all the jerseys for us.

Check out more on his blog and on Picasa.

And finally …

Via reader Chris White:

We couldn't outright name our team "Pink Tacos" because a team had just had to change their jerseys, seeing as they were the "Sexual Predators", so we went more subtle.  Los Tacos with pink jerseys, with a home and a sweet away jersey.  Included is a picture of me in it, which is a shameless attempt to get my face on the site.  Go Pens.

Chris also has issued a Beer League challenge to the Flying Seamen for a scrimmage.

This could get messy.

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