Puck Daddy Reader Art Contest: Create a cheesy 1990s-style NHL Player Poster

How does an NHL player know that he's "made it" as a professional? When he holds his first hockey card? When he wins the Stanley Cup? When he gets his first no-trade clause?

For many years, success might have been measured like this:

Yes, having a photographer pose you in a goofy outfit for a poster that shared bedroom wall-space with Kathy Ireland in a swimsuit and the Ultimate Warrior was, in fact, career validation in the 1990s.

Alas, this cheese-tastic tradition appears to have gone the way of Starter jackets and Startling Lineup figures… which is where you come in.

Presenting our latest Puck Daddy Reader Art Contest: Create a Cheesy NHL Player Poster.

It's a classic PD Photoshop contest. Using Ray Bourque and Peter Forsberg as your muses, create player posters that capture the essence of an NHLer past or present. Maybe through a nickname or this reputation or a moment of infamy. We're looking for the most hilarious, creative and puckhead-smart posters; ones we'd proudly waste the Fun-Tack on to hang on our rec room.

Prizes? Oy, always with the prizes. Well, we're proud to announce a partnership with Heritage Hockey for this and other contests this year.

Heritage Hockey is home of Team Canada 1972 and your destination for hockey memorabilia. First Place prize for this contest: A Team Canada 1972 road jersey and a DVD copy of "'72 From Training Camp To Victory." We'll have additional NHL related prizes for the runners-up. Now head over to Facebook and "like" these guys for us.

Enter as often as you'd like (PG-13 Content Warning, as always). The deadline for submissions is Thursday, Feb. 23 at 6 p.m. EST/3 p.m. PST. Email your entries to puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com, or hit us with any questions.

Good luck, godspeed and we can't wait to see the best of your worst.