Puck Daddy/Northland Films Frozen Four Pick'em Contest

People love filling out brackets. That's the reason behind the success of March Madness. They like picking the teams, following the upsets and bragging at the office water cooler that they chose McBoobs State College to go to the Final Four.

The NCAA men's hockey tournament brackets were announced Sunday and it's now time to rack your brain over who will make this year's Frozen Four at Ford Field in Detroit.

With the popularity of NCAA hockey growing year after year, we felt the need to give puckheads a bracket to fill out for the game they love. We're teaming up with Northland Films, makers of "Forgotten Miracle" and "Pond Hockey", to bring you an NCAA tournament pickā€˜em challenge.

To sign up, just visit http://www.forgottenmiracle.com/bracket/ and make your selections. The deadline to make your picks is Friday, March 26, so act fast. As for prizes, Northland Films is providing some sweet ones right now and we'll see what's inside the Puck Daddy prize closet to add to the booty. From Northland:

First: Your favorite NCAA hockey jersey

Second: Forgotten Miracle DVD and T-Shirt

Third: Pond Hockey and Forgotten Miracle DVDs

Get pickin' puckheads.

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