Puck Daddy Mini-Doc: Our hockey betting adventure in Vegas

With Blogs With Balls 2.0 held in Las Vegas last week, I had the opportunity to do something I've never done before.

(Allows space for readers to mutter their most disturbing, depraved and disgusting scenarios under their collection breath ...)

I had never wagered on an NHL game before at a sports book.

Sure, I'd lost placed bets with buddies over specific games; straight up win/lose kinds of wagers. But I never attempted to place my dough down in an official, by-the-betting-line way.

Here's a Puck Daddy Mini-Doc covering our adventure at Lagasse's Stadium in The Palazzo. As you'll see, I selected the Calgary Flames and the Vancouver Canucks and ... well, hopefully my wife won't be watching this. Thanks, Vegas (and thanks to Matt from JoeSportsFan.com for ace cinematography.)

Puck Daddy's Las Vegas Hockey Betting Adventure @ Yahoo! Video