Puck Daddy’s Create a Cheesy 1990s-style NHL Poster contest: Gallery 2

We knew it! The aliens were exercising their rights as Free Citizens the entire time!

Well, you cheeky monkeys have done it again. The submissions for our Create-a-Cheesy 1990s-style NHL Poster contest are ridiculously clever. The deadline for them has passed, but we'll certainly have a third gallery of these things over the weekend.

We'll announce the winners and prizes after the Trade Deadline nuttiness, but remember: We've got a partnership with Heritage Hockey for this and other contests this year.

Heritage Hockey is home of Team Canada 1972 and your destination for hockey memorabilia. First Place prize for this contest: A Team Canada 1972 road jersey and a DVD copy of "'72 From Training Camp To Victory." We'll have additional NHL related prizes for the runners-up. Now head over to Facebook and "like" these guys for us.

Gallery One is here. And now, the madness of Gallery Two! (Big ups to contest master David Cicirelli for the ID4 poster above.)

And here … we … go.

We like the idea of updating old school posters for this contest. From James T. Paterson:

While not a Hawks or Bears fan myself, the original "Chicago Vice" poster is a classic that begged for attention in this forum. Sweetness packing heat is fantastic in and of itself, but Captain Serious with an Uzi is simply too much to fathom.

He belongs to the city. He belongs to the night ...

Oh, you didn't think that'd be the only Patrick Kane cabbie reference, did you?

Kyle Lededa veers too close to a movie poster contest here, but there's no question this would be on someone's dorm room wall in the 1990s. But chest hair? Inaccurate.

Alexa Heinrich redeems our hero with this All-Star Game homage.

Via reader Sean Cox and really rather brilliant. Featuring Teemu Selanne as Toad!

This poster by Josh speaks to both our Whalers and Peter Sidorkiewicz fetishes.

Dirty Dangle reached back in time and brought this back. Awesome.

PD contest veteran Mazarin writes:

Hope you're a fan of George Carlin's Dirty Words (don't worry, it's completely work safe) And even if you're not, it's so absurd it still works. At least, I think it does.

Your Mongolian leader in hits, every single battle.

This is, no joke, one of the finest pieces we've ever received. We can't believe it isn't real. Kudos, Damon Cassaro.

What this one lacks in refinement it makes up for in boy suit shorts. Via PD reader Josh.

Geoff Thompson commemorates Craig Smith's open net whiff.

OK, we have no idea why. Why Danny Briere. Why Blind Melon. Why Christina Mortensen created it. But we do know that we love it like a mother bear loves its cubs.

We begin with the genius of David Cicirelli. We end with it.