Puck Daddy approves of actor Kevin Durand, celebrity puckhead

We've seen enough of "Smokin' Aces" on our 12-or-so HBO channels to report that the correct title should have been "The Tremor Brother meet Ari Gold." Because they're the only things worth a damn in the flick. Kevin Durand played the tallest and craziest of the Tremors, and played tall and crazy again as the psychotic mercenary Keamy on "Lost" last season, who inspired much bug-eyed creepiness from Benjamin Linus.

His puckhead credentials were first established in 1999, when he played Tree in the cult hockey classic "Mystery, Alaska" (video). The Thunder Bay native tells that city's The Source in an interview this week that he's going to appear in "Wolverine," an X-Men spinoff, as "The Blob"; but that he didn't exactly have a Jean Grey poster on his wall growing up. "I wasn't a comic book kid because I was busy playing hockey here in Thunder Bay. That's all I wanted to do and all I dreamed of really." So say we all.

We approve of Kevin Durand as a celebrity puckhead. Incidentally, he will appear in "Wolverine" with Ryan Reynolds, who is also Canadian but hates hockey. And Ryan's also engaged to Scarlett Johansson. So we doubly disapprove. Strongly.

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