Puck Daddy’s 2014 NHL Trade Deadline Live Blog, Hour 2

10:55 a.m. ET - Well, that was fun while it lasted.

Sigh. And so we wait.

10:51 a.m. ET - According to Michael Russo, Marian Gaborik is on his way to the Los Angeles Kings.

We'll wait for more before we break out the Milburys, but if this is indeed happening, it certainly makes sense. The Kings are in dire need of scoring, and that's sort of what Gaborik is known for. Granted, not lately, as Gaborik's only played 22 games this season and scored 6 goals, and it's not often that these big scorer acquisitions work out for LA historically (although Jeff Carter certainly did), but if Gaborik can bring a little dynamism to the Kings, they could be dangerous.

10:40 a.m. ET - Both Bob McKenzie and Pierre Lebrun are reporting that the Colorado Avalanche have had talks with Paul Stastny about a multi-year extension, with McKenzie even reporting that there's a deal on the table. But if Stastny doesn't sign by the deadline, might he get moved instead? Throw another name into the mix, because all we can do until something freaking happens is speculate wildly.

10:20 a.m. ET - More from Craig Custance, this time on Thomas Vanek, who remains the biggest rental piece on the market, but may not be inspiring GMs to pay up quite the way Garth Snow would like. Simply put, he's too expensive, and he's a scary acquisition because there isn't much hope of extending him beyond this year after the Islanders tried and failed. From ESPN:

“When we say we don’t like someone, we don’t like the situation,” said one GM on Tuesday. “By maxing [Vanek] out of the market, teams might have cooled if you have to give up a first and a prospect to get him and you don’t know if you can sign him.”

That’s the other factor with Vanek. Teams considering acquiring him aren’t optimistic that it will give them any advantage when it comes to re-signing him, especially with the way it ended in with the Islanders.

If Vanek doesn't move, or even if Garth Snow doesn't get what he's looking for in a move, did the Islanders make a mistake in acquiring him? Their failed negotiations with Vanek seem to have actually hurt his trade value somewhat.

10 a.m. ET -- Is Ryan Kesler moving or isn't he? There was some thought that the Canucks might not be authorized to move the center today, but according to Craig Custance, that's not the case:

Meanwhile, speaking of teams seeking impact centers, the Tampa Bay Lightning could use another one, and what do you know, they're getting one tomorrow:

That's a serious talent injection. And they didn't even have to trade for him.

Don't forget, we'll be grading the deals using our patented Milbury Scale.

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