Puck Daddy’s 10 funniest hockey bloopers of 2012

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Through New Year's Eve, your friends at Puck Daddy fondly recall the Year in Hockey for 2012, such as it wasn't.

Tim Brent never felt so alone.

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When the Carolina Hurricanes forward accepted a cross-ice pass from Jay Harrison, he had no idea he'd be staring up at the PNC Arena rafters moments later thanks to Gabriel Dumont of the Montreal Canadiens.

As if being dumped over the boards for all of television to see wasn't bad enough, Brent landed in the small area between the benches where a photographer was stationed and ready to capture the embarrassing moment.

That's what bloopers are: embarrassing moments that, in this day and age, live forever via the Internet and television. And while they are sometimes moments of agony, in the end they provide everyone, even the embarrassed, with a good laugh.

Here are 10 memorable hockey bloopers from the past year.

Here ... we ... go:

10. Alain Vigneault can't get enough of Vernon Fiddler's impression of Kevin Bieksa

Vernon Fiddler does a great Kevin Bieksa "angry face" impression and that caught the eye of the Vancouver Canucks' head coach during a game in February. Vigneault loves it. Like, he looooves it.

9. Jan Mursak grows a wooden tail

Jan Mursak the stick-tailed player,
Had a very unique tail,
And if you ever saw it,
You would even say it grows.
All of the other players
Used to laugh and call him names;
They never let poor Mursak/ join in any hockey games.

Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Ken Holland came to say,
"Jan with your tail so right, Won't you be my left wing tonight?"
Then how the players loved him
As they shouted out with glee (woo-hoo!)
Jan Mursak the stick-tailed player,
You'll go down in history!

8. Erik Cole scores a goal, high fives ref

Erik Cole was just looking for someone to celebrate with. After scoring this goal referee Greg Kimmerly was the closest to him and already had his hand extended (signaling the goal), so Cole decided to take him up on his offer.

7. Finnish goalie assumes delayed penalty, heads to bench, hilarity ensues

Tommi Virtanen plays for TuTo of the Finland2 league and with his team down 3-0 in a game last February, he wanted to help as best as he could. Virtanen believed there was a delayed penalty coming up in TuTo's favor, so he raced to the bench as fast as he could to help his side get the extra attacker out there. Well, turns out there was no penalty coming and by the time Virtanen reached the bench he had a great view of Vaasan Sport increasing their lead to 4-0.

6. Matt Moulson calls "bank" off glass behind Capitals' net

All Michal Neuvirth had to do was play the puck off the glass behind him like he was Bryce Harper corralling a baseball off an outfield wall. Sadly, he lost sight of the puck and before he knew it it was banking off his chest and into the net.

5. Peter Budaj sets up a Vincent Lecavalier goal perfectly

Peter Budaj has 10 career assists over his seven seasons in the NHL, but none might be as tape-to-tape as this lovely pass to Vincent Lecavalier.

4. Kari Ramo, provider of bad goals, scores on himself

Karri Ramo is a favorite here at Puck Daddy. Since he left the NHL for the KHL, he's provided us with numerous moments displaying his troubles stopping pucks in Russia. This one might be his worst: A stick save, followed by him attempting to juggle the puck into his glove for a faceoff.

He got a faceoff alright, except it was at center ice after an own goal.

3. Devin Setoguchi has game on his stick, then watches it slide away

The Minnesota Wild needed Devin Setoguchi to come through in his shootout attempt to extend the game against the Montreal Canadiens. He had earlier played hero by scoring the game-tying goal with 10 seconds left, so Setoguchi was already having a decent night. Confidence was high as he skated in on Carey Price. Then, on Hockey Night in Canada, he lost the puck and blew a tire, and the game was lost.

2. Alexei Emelin flips his own teammate, Erik Cole

Alexei Emelin is known as a skilled hitter. He finished last season with 236 hits, good to be in the top 20 in the NHL. That means he's pretty good at timing and making contact ... well, except for in March when he attempted to take out Matt Kassian.

1. Taylor Cox's glass-breaking celebration

When you score a goal, the adrenaline pumps. These days goals are cause for celebration. Whether it's the fist pump or Danny Briere drag-your-glove-on-the-ice-and-raise celebration, more and more hockey players are getting creative when they want to express emotion when scoring a goal.

This is what Taylor Cox of the Atlantic Junior Hockey League's New Jersey Junior Titans found when he decided to celebrate a goal by jumping against the glass.

Boy, did he find out the hard way.

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