Pro-Canucks, Anti-Bruins propaganda uses Jon Stewart’s cynicism for 10-minute diatribe (Video)

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In case you were wondering about the severity of the psychological scarring suffered by some Vancouver Canucks fans after losing the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins: It apparently runs "I'll make a 10-minute propaganda piece with clips from 'The Daily Show' to demonize the Bruins" deep.

That said: This is wickedly entertaining, intercutting between the Bruins' words and deeds in a way that paints them as walking contradictions.

Punctuating the whole video essay: Clips from "The Daily Show" (and one hilarious "King of the Hill" cameo) that were so meticulously chosen and brilliantly deployed that a few YouTube commenters actually believed Jon Stewart had taken a position on the Canucks vs. Bruins feud.

(We will note the irony in using Stewart's epic takedown of FOX News to make a point in a one-sided trashing against the opposition.)

It's the greatest hits of the rivalry, like finger biting and Brad Marchand's "hip check", with other Bruins' foibles tossed in: Paging Dr. Recchi and the Lucic vs. Miller hit.

From the nimble editing fingers of "MAKAVELI719696", here's the Daily Show/Anti-Bruins mashup that would be a cause for prosecution if SOPA passes:

By far the greatest comment on this video:

"Jon_ Stewart is a pompous ass. do you know how much charity work the bruins do? this is why i hate the media."

s/t to reader Dylan Nicholson.

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