Pregnancy reminds us that Cale Hulse landed Gena Lee Nolin

Cale Hulse bounced around the NHL as a defenseman for 619 regular-season games, but may have led the League in "wait, what?" moments. You know, as in: "Remember Cale Hulse from the Calgary Flames? The guy who married Gena Lee Nolin from 'Baywatch?'" "Wait ... what?"

The couple was married in 2004, and Nolin (shown here in all her classic bedroom wall poster splendor) gave birth to their first child Hudson Lee Hulse in April 2006. Her rep (still has one) has announced that Nolin is pregnant with their second child, due in Fall 2008.

There was a time when landing a "Baywatch" babe was like snagging a Pussycat Doll today (well, every Doll but that rather aged redhead who must be there to sing harmonies). It may have even been more prestigious than getting a Playboy playmate, although there were so many crossovers (thanks, Pamela) that the two were practically synonymous. So kudos to Cale Hulse ... even if, by 2004, the best gig Gena Lee could get was on "The Great American Celebrity Spelling Bee."

H/T to The Big Lead, and congrats to Hulse and Nolin. May your next child be a masculine child ... and preferably a stay-at-home defenseman with a little more mobility than daddy had.

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