Predators sued after Nashville radio’s Intern Adam breaks ankle in on-ice stunt (VIDEO)

It hasn't exactly been a banner offseason for the Nashville Predators. Ryan Suter skipped off to Minnesota with new best friend Zach Parise. Shea Weber was offer-sheeted, forcing the team to empty their pockets to retain him. And now the team is getting sued.

According to a report by the Nashville City Paper, a suit has been launched by Adam Davis (right, hugging a leprechaun), also known as Intern Adam of 107.5 The River -- after an injury suffered during a stunt gone awry.

In an on-ice promotion for a December 13 game versus the Calgary Flames, Adam was to be the human bowling ball, launched on a sled towards a bunch of giant pins. But in rehearsal, he was launched right past the pins and into the end boards.

It was an apt reminder of why rehearsal is necessary, but Adam was likely not reassured by this. According to the lawsuit, he suffered "a right medial malleolus fracture" (i.e. broke his ankle), needing surgery, screws and continued treatment.

He ran up medical costs that would make a Canadian faint, and now he's seeking compensation. From the Nashville City Paper:

The lawsuit claims that employees of the Predators failed to provide adequate protection for Davis — and also failed to warn Davis of the risks associated with the stunt. Attorney Bill Leader, who is representing Davis, said his client didn't sign any kind of waiver form before participating in the stunt.

The suit is seeking an award of compensatory damages in excess of $25,000 to cover Davis's medical and therapy costs.

Here's a PDF of the lawsuit, if you love reading legalese.

And for those of you more entertained by violence, here's video of the incident. (NSFW: Language warning, as someone reacts the way many of us would upon seeing a man shatter a bone in his leg -- by dropping an eff bomb).

See, this is why Don Cherry is always advocating no-touch human bowling.

s/t to On the Forecheck.