Predators incensed over Matt Duchene’s blown offside goal; NHL confirms its terribleness (VIDEO)

There are blown calls in the NHL, and then there’s this goal by Matt Duchene of the Colorado Avalanche against the Nashville Predators on Monday afternoon:

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Really, it’s that part where Duchene is actively looking for the puck behind him because he’s so far into the attacking zone before it arrives that might be the greatest part.

Just in case you were a little hazy on how egregious this blown call was, we’ve created a little visual aid:

You can read up on the NHL’s rule for offside players here.

Naturally, the Avalanche defeated the Predators in a one-goal game, 6-5; so while this wasn’t the game-winning goal, it still helped the Avs to a victory in a key conference matchup.

Nashville Coach Barry Trotz, last seen with pulsating veins while enraged with the officials, was told by the NHL that the play should have been whistled for an offside, according to Josh Cooper of The Tennessean.

It hasn’t been an especially strong season for the NHL officials, many of whom did nothing to stay sharp during the lockout. Granted, this was a blown offside leading to a goal rather than a phantom headshot, which is refreshing. But it was a blown call nonetheless.

Once more, with feeling: Coaches’ Challenge in the NHL.

Give each team one, and embarrassments like this don’t need to happen. And make no mistake: There are players around this League tonight that are guffawing at this ineptitude. Well, outside of the Nashville locker room at least.

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