Prank calling the NHL; to keep or give up season tickets (THE VENT)

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THE VENT is a forum for rants, raves, pleas and laments from hockey fans across the world about the NHL lockout. It runs every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. If you've got a take on the lockout and need to let it out, email us at, Subject: The Vent.)

Chris from Fullerton, CA, had this take on our story about season-ticket cancellations:

I have had season seats with the LA Kings for 12 years. When I started my tickets were $10 a seat, in the “Dave Taylor die hard” section up in the top of Staples Center.

Now they are only like $12 or $13 a seat. (My Stanley Cup final seats were $30). I am grandfathered into those low prices for the seats I have.

If I were to cancel them, and decided later I would want them back after I took my political stance, I would have to pay about $35/seat. So by “making a statement”, I would go from paying $1100 for 2 seats now per year, to $3000 per year. We all know I am not giving up one of my few passions in life, so just stopping for a year or two would do nothing but cost me thousands of dollars per year going forward. Not to mention, I would never get my seats back in the same section and I  would miss being with my season ticket family that I sit with and have sat with for years.

I just had a baby daughter a month ago. If a seat opens up next to me in the next few years I can’t even add it to my account for her to have a seat without paying the higher amount now.

Would I have liked to take a stand? ... Yes, but not at the price of an extra $1900 per year going forward out of my wallet. I can’t even afford concessions as it is, I have to grab fast food on the way to the arena. Also, by keeping my seats active and not requesting a refund, I am earning more interest on the money from the Kings then I would from a bank. So for me, keeping my seats it’s the only way I can stick it to the owners.

We imagine there are others facing the same plight.

Richard believe that social upheaval can still happen in the NHL:

It's up to the fans.  If social media can bring down the dictator of a huge country, Egypt, it can bring down Bettman.  For he and his ego are the roadblock to resolving the lockout.  Let the social media reign. Fans need to contact their teams with threats not to go to games, even season ticket holders.  They can buy tix but not go to games until Butthead is fired.

Let's go get them!

Butthead = Bettman, but we’re just hazarding a guess here.

Here’s Stephen Piskor on “making the fans whole” after the lockout:

Another idea. Unite the Center Ice and Gamecenter live so you can watch the games you are paying for whether you are traveling ,etc.. The NBA does it and I have to say I find it a major reason to buy the league pass package.

Also, I’d like to thank the NHL for renewing my interest in the NBA. I am finding the league enjoyable, particularly since the T-Wolves are competitive.

Turned to basketball … WHAT HATH THE LOCKOUT WROUGHT?

Finally, what better way to deal with NHL lockout stress than with prank calls, right?

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