Power-up! Linus Ullmark debuts new Bowser mask

Jen Neale
Linus Ullmark's Bowser mask courtesy of David Gunnarsson from DaveArt.com

Quick! Someone call Luigi! Hide Princess Peach! Use all the mushrooms (your OTHER mushrooms)! King Bowser is back!

Sort of.

Linus Ullmark, Sabres prospect on loan to MODO of the SHL, pays tribute to the iconic Nintendo video game Super Mario Bros. on his new mask with a snarling portrait of Bowser, complete with a spiked shell and two claws holding a puck and a hockey stick.

Linus Ullmark mask by David Gunnarsson of DaveArt.com

Ullmark helped design of his mask with airbrush artist and goalie mask painter to the stars, David Gunnarsson of DaveArt.com.

"It was so fun to create this piece for Linus Ullmark for the coming SHL season," wrote Gunnarsson on his blog, "Linus is a huge Nintendo fan, just like me ... Together we brainstormed, and this idea emerged from our brains and I started to paint."

Linus Ullmark mask by David Gunnarsson of DaveArt.com

This isn't Gunnarsson's first brilliant design. He's responsible for Peter Budaj's angry Ned Flanders, Henrik Lundqvist's Yankee Stadium pinstripes and legends, Cam Talbot's Ghostbusters theme, and many, many more