Police investigating Trevor Gillies sucker punch on Jarkko Ruutu

Greg Wyshynski

On Saturday, we brought you a wild scene from SM-liga in Finland between two former NHLers: Trevor Gillies, ex-New York Islanders pugilist, sucker punching Jarkko Ruutu, the ex-pest for teams ranging from the Pittsburgh Penguins to the Ottawa Senators.

In essence, both men played their roles to perfection: Ruutu was skating around the ice chirping and taking shots at Gillies’ HIFK Helsinki teammates; Gillies tried to get Ruutu, playing for Jokerit Helsinki, to fight after a faceoff as punishment for his actions.

When he refused, Gillies decided to punch him in the face.

Ah, sweet hockey logic.

Gillies has been suspended pending further punishment from SM-liga, but one fan feels that league justice won’t be enough. According to Iltasanomat, someone reported the sucker punch on Ruutu to police in Helsinki, and now we have the international version of Chara/Pacioretty.

Here’s a translation by friend of the blog Ville Kankaanpää:

The incident involving Trevor Gillies of HIFK has been reported to the police. Jarkko Ruutu of Jokerit was punched in the face by Gillies in last Friday's derby between the two Helsinki teams.

Police official Jari Illukka confirms the information:

"Yes, a report has been filed. A citizen has filed a report for assault. The police is conducting a preliminary investigation whether the matter will be processed further."

Police is now investigating if the incident meets the criteria for assault.

Police went on to say that “very few of these cases result in criminal proceedings," which means there have been multiple "cases" they've had to investigate, which means the good people of Finland really need some better hobbies.

If it does go to trial, we imagine Gillies’ lawyers will put forth an intricate and complicated defense based on case law and legal precedent called “Because He’s Jarkko Ruutu, Obviously…”