Police arrest Montreal Canadiens meth kingpin

Michel Emond was running from Interpol for two years when police in Costa Rica took him into custody this week. The 36-year-old Quebec native was wanted on drug charges; and, based on his marketing techniques, we imagine there's also been some violation of National Hockey League trademarks.

From CJAD:

Emond is wanted here on charges that he ran a meth lab in the basement of his house in Laval. Notably, the tablets his operation is accused of producing were shaped like the Canadiens hockey team logo.

Yes, Montreal Canadiens meth, something whose existence we haven’t considered since the Scott Gomez/Ryan McDonagh trade.

And here we thought the only thing with a Canadiens logo getting smoked was Douglas Murray ...

The branding of mind-altering narcotics in Canada with the Canadiens logo seems to be a trend. From the North Bay Nipissing News from February, our source for all high-profile drug arrests near Nipissing:

The suspect was found to be in possession of 66 grams of magic mushrooms, 15 grams of cocaine, 257 grams of marijuana, 3.8 grams of powered ecstasy, 10 ecstasy pills stamped with the Montreal Canadiens logo, 8.5 methamphetamine pills with an ice logo, and three methamphetamine pills in the shape of legos. Police also confiscated a digital scale, the suspect’s cell phone and a quantity of cash.

The parking lot bust was followed by a search of the suspect’s home where police found 236 methamphetamine pills with the ice logo, 46 methamphetamine lego pills, and 267 MDMA Montreal Canadien pills.

Well that sounds Hab-it forming.

Obviously, these dealers know what they’re doing in going with the Canadiens’ logo. Who would want to take Edmonton Oilers MDMA, and be perpetually waiting for it to kick in? Or Ottawa Senators meth, which costs half of what it did three years ago and is about one-fourth as effective? Or Toronto Maple Leafs mushrooms, a fungus growing in Ontario since 1967?

Now, when will the NHL owners get behind the official branding of illegal narcotics? Because if you thought outdoor games and television contracts pumped money into HRR, well …