Players express excitement for saved NHL season on Twitter; Alex Picard wins

Like many of us, NHLers the world over woke up Sunday morning to the news that the lockout had finally -- dear god, finally -- come to an end. And, like many of us, they took to Twitter to express their elation and relief.

Granted, none of them were able to top this one, from former Columbus Blue Jacket Alex Picard, saying goodbye to Yannick Weber, who leaves Genève-Servette HC in the Swiss League to rejoin the Montreal Canadiens:

All righty then.

Anyway, while Picard pretty clearly wins Twitter's daily award, he was far from the only hockey player who had something to say about the glorious news of a new collective bargaining agreement.

Here's a quick rundown of how players reacted to the news.

George Parros was one of a small handful of players that sent a tweet shortly after leaving the site of the lockout-ending agreement.

Think he still remembers how to fight after all this time in a boardroom? The Panthers are in trouble if, the next time someone challenges Parros to a scrap, he calls for a mediator.

Speaking of mediators, Sam Gagner had some love for Scot Beckenbaugh, who helped the players and the league bring this one home.

BizNasty reached out, as he often does, to the fans:

Jordan Eberle did the same, including a goodbye message to his teammates and coaches in Oklahoma, some of whom will eventually rejoin him in Edmonton.

And speaking of leaving interim teams, Bobby Ryan was one of many players for whom the news of the new CBA meant they suddenly had to turn around and come home:

Ryan Whitney reached into the past for one final shot at Steve Burton, who turned out to be a little off with his prediction:

Henrik Lundqvist reminded us that, while the past is still somewhat unseemly, the future includes hockey, so it'll be okay:

Speaking of the future, Matt Kassian no longer has to do anything desperate in order to preserve his:

And speaking of preservation, Andrew Ference's emphasis on environmental preservation didn't make the final document:

But we'll give the hammer to Dustin Brown, who pretty much summed it up.


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